Trading... nobody cares

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Why? You dont have Leaderboards, there is no IRL money trade so…/ those items and gold wont hurt anyone.
Rerolling items req so much gold and mats that gold duping is a blessing, same with perfect droped items. Especiallky when you removed priority prefixes from items, put bunch of nonsens others, and now rolling a good item requires 24h grinding for gold just to click 6 to 10 times on an item.
So yes , blizz suddenly waking up, after like a week od more of duping:
WE need to stop this duplication exploit, bc player wont grind mindlessly for hours, just to get slapped by regeneration while not damaged recently or damage to slow/dazzed or other bulls*it roll instead of CHC and CHD.


People parasite on the system at the very minimal chance they get.

Is good to block that and then permaban all those parasites. I definitely prefer a game with few players rather than crowded with cheaters/exploiters.


The only cheaters here are devs. Off you go fanboy, grind 100s of hour for 2 or 3 items and spent all gold that you earned after this time for jus a few re-rolls on a single item, still not getting what you want.
you are probably one of those who are defending Uber uniques drop rates .

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You sound sad you dont have a shako and feel entitled to it.

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Does rejecting cheaters make me a fanboy? Are you b-hurt you got banned or something? If so, enjoy ur well deserved ban.

Also I am playing another game as i finished grinding the season.

Get a life kid.

Ah bummer, (I could care less), and maybe they should stop grouping too.

Yeah… no. Cheaters deserve nothing.