Thoughts on the new (1.4.3) changes?

Are the grenade buffs enough to make Flurry interesting again? Seems like Andariel’s Visage is also good for range builds now.

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andy good, TB, flurry, melee still bad… laughable they think a 20% buff to TB will be enough

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all rogues need to go Hearthseeker. it is clear, devs wants that.
maybe, just maybe, grenade build might be something. others core builds remain the same, melee builds got pathetic buffs and RF will get a fix and 25% incteased explosion radius but this not help on boss kill where HS is already much better.
strange and can not understand how devs think… why we are forced to play a basic skill build.

Its a midseason patch, nothing too crazy was going to happen until S5 and Expansion.

If you can play the upcoming S5 PTR, play it and give your feedback, thats all you can do.

Melee rogues will be salivating at that andariels change. It still might not be quite as good as heartseeker but itll be damned close now.

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Praying the Rapidfire/scoundrels fix/AOE buff actually works so i can start playing it again. HS is boring to me

TB recived some different buff. I don’t know if it is enough but noe it recived two +20 (for hit and for coming back) and a good buff to aspect of bladedancer :wink:

You mean Puncture builds.

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its a 25% radius so 56% area approximately. i think it will be significant. Also the current blast area is larger than it appears.

the problem with that is you have builds doing billions of dps like HS and andariels puncture and they just buffed andariels even 50% more meanwhile TB was doing what like maybe 50m dps? two 20%s and another 20% to aspect is not enough.

edit: i seriously dont think the devs have any clue on the numbers

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If exposure still not working with explosive glyph wtf man…

Last i checked (literaly minutes ago) the shadowstep nades are all dropping on the location you teleport from, rather than the location you port to so… that’s great…

I have 2 Rogues
First Rogue which is what I started the season with as Flurry and just this week I made a Heartseeker Rogue who has barely hit 100. Both are using Crit Chance, Vulnerable Damage and have the same exact paragon board expect one uses Closer and the other uses Ranger.

12/12 Shako
12/12 Doombringer
12/12 Ring
Remaining gear is 8/12
10 Greater Affixes

Pit 61 Boss takes all 3 staggers+ to kill the boss. (Few Minutes)
Pit 90 is a hit and miss if I can complete, damage issue.

12/12 Shako
12/12 Doombringer
Remaining gear 4/12
5 Greater Affixes

Pit 61 Boss dies halfway through the first stagger. (Under a minute easily)
Pit 100 cleared with more than enough time to spare. Haven’t tried passed it.

Passive are an issue with Flurry. If you aren’t using a Marskmen skill or Grenades… you have Victimize but with the 10% lucky hit chance. It has a 5% chance to proc. With 40% chance added lucky hit you get all of 2% increase chance to proc Victimize. Meanwhile Heartseeker you can easily get 100% chance to double cast and each cast has a 75% chance to hit again. The same 40% lucky hit chance takes your 25% chance for Victimize up to 35%. 10% more chance. Heartseeker also gets significantly more attack speed with Moonrise and Rapid Aspects.

Seems unlikely a 25% damage increase is gonna cover that gap.

Wish they’d revert whatever change they implemented on TB with lucky hit on return and spin. Would make TB viable.

Andariel Visage isn’t a puncture build. Puncture just procs AV the best.

Technically Heartseeker is a Victimize build.

Its not a melee build is my point though, especially with the rework on how it procs at the enemy instead.

I guess that’s true. You only use flurry for the attack speed buff.

It’s not just that, melee builds now get significantly more uptime on Dark Shrouds with Umbrous, and Twisting Blades got a buff to Versatility (for poison TB builds) and Bladedancer’s.

patch is not yet drployed, those are only patch notes.

It may only be a bone, but hey, at least they did throw us a bone. :rofl:

I don’t expect it to be truly transformative, but we do get TB buff + Bladedancer’s Aspect buff, while at the same time the enemies in the pit are having their HP reduced.

If that at least means I can scrape through to 61, it’s something.