This is not Diablo this has become one hit boss farm simulator

All this game has watered down to is copy and paste builds to one his bosses where loot is never dropped. I’ve gotten flickerstep I think 150 times and the azurath another 50…that is a terrible rng that is being used to mask the lack a variety in gear. I’ve run duriel too many times to enjoy anymore with nothing but time wasted to show for it. All of my friends no play with have moved on and I’m stuck at the mercy of this terrible rng. Once again it only drops the same items. No variety. Hours upon hours of my gaming time is spent on just trying to get gear the game won’t allow me to experience. Why can’t these items have a chance to drop elsewhere for people who don’t want to copy past builds to one hit bosses. Why am I forced to copy paste builds in order to enjoy the full game? I’m sure there will attack me on here because that’s game forums for you. Life long Diablo fan this one might be the worst for loot variety. I don’t feel like I’ve been able to create a character, I feel like I just played on some else’s.

Sounds like this game is not for you. Maybe it’s time to touch some grass.

Who cares really about one-shotting Duriel?

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The problem is the current endgame. It’s rotation between Helltides, Grim Favors, Varshan, Greg and Duriel. Endgame is finding all Uber-uniques. Meta is “whatever can do full rotation the fastest” so, naturally, BL Sorc, TB Rogue and HOTA will dominate. Until we get better “endgame”, this is our life.

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Exactly no individual choice it’s a treadmill and you are not even the runner !

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Well, for players that “choose” the Youtube Meta builds then I agree, endgame is a hamster wheel grind fest. However, if you choose your own builds and learn how to use them, then endgame isn’t that much of an issue.

It really is all about “choice”; no one is “forced” to play meta builds.

The path of least resistance is what many players seem to currently choose (meta builds) and then complain when they reach the end game quickly and find it repetitive and/or boring. FOMO is very strong in live service games. This is more of a gaming community issue than the devs/game issue. It is the players that choose how fast/slow they want to play through the game. It is the players that choose whether or not to use meta builds. The devs never said that players needed meta builds to get to endgame; that choice was left to the players.

You are right they never said you have to play meta, they just designed certain areas (AoZ) where meta builds are the only builds that are gonna make it close to end, so people gravitate to them. IMO of course…

Been playing since the first installment of the franchise I love Diablo not Duriel farm simulator. Love the guess it’s not for you comment though good stuff. You’re right the current state is pretty crap. I work up to 60 plus hrs a week outside so I’m on grass and earth all day, when I come home to play a game titled Diablo id like to farm the whole game for viable gear like in all the others not just one tiny part with nothing to show but time spent.