They tell you what you can even install. Fun

Continuing the discussion from A notice regarding unauthorized game modifying software in Diablo IV:

Yeah they don’t allow cheaters. Nothing new.


You do not even have to use any software they consider a cheat. You can not even install it. Go ahead reduce the topic to, no cheaters allowed. Just thought it was funny they want to control what you can install.


I mean controlling stuff like this is probably the only thing they’ve done right for this game

That’s probably because you still don’t realize how easy it is to disguise a program used for cheating and make it look like something harmless.

I remember when TurboHud came out for D3. I tried it to see what the fuss was about. I liked the UI changes for spells and what not. But saw what the map was doing, and quickly uninstalled it. It was a nice program, but with the map hack, I knew it was only a matter of time before Blizzard prohibited it. And they did.

You can install whatever you want. They aren’t stopping you.

They actually never stopped anyone from using Turbohud in D3.

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Why would you have it installed unless you were going to cheat?

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