The state of Rogue and why the class will always be "meh" due to game and class design

Hey, im usually the Rogue/Thief and Demon Hunter type of player. Ive played a Rogue for 15years in World of Warcraft both in succesful PVE progress guilds and PVP. Ive also played the thief in Guildwars 2 and have about 5000hours on the Demon Hunter in Diablo3, so you would assume id absolutely love this Type of classes.

However there is a couple of things that have to be discussed, in my opinion the class design is a failure because blizzard is essentially missing the point of a class like that.

First issue:

  • Game Design
    How poeple used to play these classes is to “cheat their way up” you skip essential mechanics in fights where others have to do them, while with such a class you dont have to, you have your “smoke screen” or “cloak of shadows” / “evasion” and while using them smartly you can avoid taking damage or dying AND deal alot of extra damage that others cant. In Diablo IV however everyone is either oneshot, perma CCing or immortal, you actually never have to play any mechanics with any class apart from maybe the uber lilith bossfight. The moment you actually have to play mechanics “while being squishy” outside of uber lilith you are basically weak and naturally die alot while running in circles. So in that sense, in my opinion, the immortal flameshield sorc mechanic f.e. is actually something that would belong more to rogue than sorc.

Second Issue:

  • Class design
    compared to other games or classes everything about the Rogue in Diablo IV feels slow and clunky and way to much effort. For example other classes have 1button to make them unstoppable while not having to hover with your mouse over a target and also get another bonus when pressing it. Best example for this is Rallying Cry from barb, it makes you unstoppable, buffs your and other players ressource regeneration and movementspeed while also granting fortify with a press of a single button. Why do Rogues have to fill up their bar with infinite amounts of defensive skills and teleports to do the same thing other classes do with a single button?

Hybrid attempt:
Another really easy solvable issue is the Hybrid class attempt. It would make much more sense to actually design the class in a way that you get full skill trees and full paragon for either melee or ranged or even hybrid ranged and melee with enabling different effects or abilities due to something like “class specialization” its not that hard to change the specialization to make skills / paragon do different things when choosing a specialization, so that everyone can actually play the way they want to, without massive downsides of only having half of the skills of other classes available…

However i think without an almost complete change in class design ill probably stick to other classes, bc some of them sadly feel more like a Rogue to me.


Fyi, there’s a vampire based aspect (metamorphosis) that basically does what you’re asking for. The +3 to escape or 1.2 reduction on attack are best w/it imo.

I want to add one thing. Druid encourages switching between Werewolf and Werebear forms, but the Rogue lacks key passives and other passives that promote switching between ranged and melee combat.

Close Quarters Combat and Tricks of the Trade do just that.

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