The "Silent Majority" and "Vocal Minority" myth

People say “people complaining are just the vocal minority, the people who enjoy the game are out playing it!”

And while there may be some truth for that, the opposite can also be said.

Of all the friends I’ve played the game with, none of them use reddit. They don’t use forums, they’re not in the discord. How many of those friends liked the game? One out of the 5 who I played with.

The rest just stopped playing and said “well I’ve seen enough of this” and logged out. We were talking about they all had no desire to play another “crappy diablo game.” After how Diablo 3 panned out (worst game ever made) I don’t blame them.

I ended up refunding my copy as well, the game just isn’t good and I don’t want to play this weird mmo-esque always online arpg solo or with randoms.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that somehow Blizzard can turn this game around and make something good out of it.

To start, take the skill trees and put all the legendary aspects on the tree, and then triple the size of the tree.

Make spells not scale off of WEAPON DAMAGE (like what/???).

Completely overhaul dungeons.

Rebalance the game, fix melee… it just all sucks.


Yeah I didnt even finish open-beta, so much stuff already copy/pasted…
And thats not even the biggest issue…

Id rather play D2 than this.

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“Worst game ever made” no. Worst Diablo title, no. That goes to Immortal. No, D3 wasn’t a bad game and clearly its still considered a good game or they wouldn’t have made D4. But yeah, pretty much everything you said is correct. The “vocal minority” always comes up from the same people saying to lock the forums down. Those tend to be the “vocal minority” as there’s more posts talking about everything bad about this game than those praising this early access game. I’m staying on D3 until the servers go down, but I stopped playing about 20-30 mins in for variety of reasons, never mind the fact that the game can’t hold my interests. Doing greater rifts are able to hold my attention more than what we are able to play in D4 and those are mind numbing grinds for slightly better gear.

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I agree with the fact that the overwhelming majority of the people who dabbled in the beta will not be posting about it - millions of people have been playing.

I would bet that more than 90% of them will never write a review - that is concerning if the team doesn’t look at the big picture here

You know why they have so many employees ?

Because they need to fill this forum with fake crap aabout their awesome games. :smiley:

D4 is using all the core systems from D3 except in a even more superficial form. Build diversity is going to be non existent in this game without massive overhauls to the talent trees.

D4 is not a new game at all. It’s D3 reskinned and amazingly, with even less depth than D3 managed to have. The only thing good about it is the updated graphics. Everything else is the same old D3 stuff.


The UI and copycat dungeons that are all almost identical are annoying, seen 1 seen them all sadly…whatever happened to variety and original ideas?

Ttruuuuueee it’s so shameless. One of the first things they said was how it just looks like “Diablo 3 but different” which is accurate.

Same - I really hoped for more after all this time - the art looks great… and then we get the colors and fireworks and huge damage numbers - incredibly distracting.

Feels exactly like diablo 3 with better art

Lots of copy/paste elements

D3 is far from the “worst game ever made”. It’s been very good for a long time and I’m so sick of the community dogging it. It’s a heck of a lot better than D4, that much is clear.

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Your missing the point of people bringing up d3. D3 was absolutely a dumpster fire of a game. It was horribly designed and created at launch and had too many issues to count.

Kripparian does a great video on D3 if your curious at what it was like at launch. Now of course a lot of it was fixed and addressed and it actually turned out really solid especially after reaper of souls.

Yet Launch D3 is actually a fairly strong contender for worse blizzard game ever released.

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My friends really like this game and I have my doubts about it. I have also played the beta a LOT more than they have.

Every time someone says “You’re only level 25 you’re not experiencing the whole game” is just screaming at the top of their lungs that this beta has failed to be a marketing opportunity for those players that were on the fence and that their optimism isn’t validated by the beta or any other information we’ve been given thus far.