The changing of the Seasons in Diablo IV this general discussion for both pc and console

Why can’t with the changing of seasons Diablo IV not have 100 level potions, weapons, armor and jewelry. Why not more skill and paragon points? The Sigil dungeons go up to 155 level. It would make more sense that the leveling go that high for the players too.

no it doesnt. it is designed that you can clear content with mobs up to level 200 when you are level 100. we dont need more levels and power, we have plenty

I think the devs have a plan. I trust in them!

Unfortunately I don’t have your power even though I am maxed out at 100. I usually stuck by myself so those Sigle dungeons it’s struggle trying to get through it consistently 101-112. A 112 Hellbinder blows me up on contact and that dome is suicidal.

I hope Cloud420 is right and the developers allow players to level up along with the dungeons.

I hope I’m right too! haha

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lol! Hopefully a miracle will happen.