The Butcher and Son of Malphas

Are too OP and needs to be nerfed.

or they need more value to be worth the time/effort to kill them. Their drops are irrelevant.


Grow stronger. Instead of crying about it you should be figuring out how to send them back to hell quick and easy. It’s half the fun in these sorts of games (problem solving).


You don’t like my input? Stay off my post.

People always assume when you tell them this that you’re somehow challenging their personhood or calling them inept, when its actually the most helpful advice you can give someone.

Last night I was running Uber Duriel with my Necromancer and my friend’s sorceress and I kept getting wrecked. So instead of assuming the game was broken, I spent an hour going over my stats and gear, re-rolled some stats, got some poison res and more life, then went back to fight Duriel a 2nd time. And we won.



Excellent! And it’s such an awesome feeling when you win the re-match! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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I just walk away because it’s not even worth the time

Just one shot everything with a Barb… No one should be complaining about anything

I don’t use cheese :cheese: builds. You playing on PC wouldn’t know anything about that.

what does pc vs console have to do with anything? i play on ps5 and they are easy.

Yeah and I play on PC and they are easy.

About every video game have puzzle solving, some are more obvious than others.
Each class can have a specific build to take down the Butcher and/or Son of Malphas, the thing is that not all players want to build their character this way.

I enjoy ranged combat, so I rolled a Rogue, tried almost every possibility and none of these can allow me to take down the Butcher over Tier 85, I would have to get all the available damage reduction and healing, that will make me clear a Dungeon overTier 85 in 25-30 minutes… way too long for my taste.

In my case it’s not complicated, as soon as I hear “Fresh Meat” I pop concealment and get away until the Butcher disappear, in the other hand the Son of Malphas is totally doable.

If taking down the Butcher was mandatory to progress, I would be playing a different game.
It’s not like if it was a “power check” that gives you a hint about how powerful is your character in order to continue on.
-Duriel in D2 act pretty much this way, toughness, damage and strategy had to be on the level of difficulty.
-Belial had a rage-timer that gave a cue about the character’s damage, if it’s too low you can’t progress.

Here the puzzle concerning the Butcher is pretty much on how the character is built, Items affixes, skill tree and paragon board. Unless the character build is around something like Blood Surge, in this case the player will want to drag the Butcher with him in crowd of mobs in order to deal more damage.
That said I don’t care much about the Butcher as it’s optional, but the day I’ll figure out a way to take him down at Tier 100 with the build I got on my Rogue I will call this an “accomplishment”.

Haha! No! They are not! They are easy and need to be even stronger. Obviously playing some build that belongs in T2 ALL THE TIME! Good luck!