Tempering Bias?

Anyone else having a hard time tempering MM skills on swords?
I’ve wasted like 6 swords with greater affixes, that being 36 rolls, without hitting Rapid Fire, so although it should be 20%, in my experience is like 2-3%.

Its just rng. Ive rolled rapid fire many times now on my swords/daggers.

Now +2 imbument on my rings/ammy are another story. Ive bricked to many pieces of jewelry now lol.

Tbh I think they should use some intelligent system to slightly adjust roll chances based on your skills learned.

Like if I have no cutthroat skills trained but I’m tempering cutthroat then it’s probably because I want vulnerable.

Not saying it should be 100% to give vulnerable under those circumstances but maybe bump it up a few % points.

Same with what you said. You trained RF so RF should have a bump over the other rolls like flurry and barrage.

Like go from 20%x5 to 24%+19%x4 or something.

The system is rigged. It’s incredible how many times Movement Speed hasn’t rolled for me even though there’s only three possible affixes in that particular manual.