SUPER LAG, Worse then first two beta weekends. The topic they wont talk about

So the lag on this one is worse than the first two beta weekends. Rubberbanding in solo instances is very bad.

I have several PCs and gaming laptops with gpus ranging from 3060 ti and up to the 4090. and one with an AMD GPU and processor less then a year old with whatever was top end within the year.
All with m.2 and ssds as back up drives and top end processors. The only thing that might be old is the ddr4 ram 3600 or up. Which none of these specs matter anyways even my worst pc is way beyond the recommended requirements.
Im on a T1 line So speed is not an issue.

I just don’t get it; why is it so bad? We did two weekend tests beforehand; shouldn’t the servers be prepared to handle the game without lag?

This bugs me because if this is 3 times now and the lag is still horrible, whats launch going to be like, and what is it going to be like several weeks after launch? and why are they not talking about it at all and avoiding this topic in their discussions like the plague ? Is this going to be a trade off for the forced MMO play ? Instances that can’t handle 1 player let alone 12 ?


That’s the POINT; They are overloading the servers. Thus; lag.

Do people not read what a ‘Server Slam’ is?


Congrats. You’ve come very close to understanding the point of the “SERVER SLAM”.

Take a break. You’ve clearly taxed your brain enough. So take a break and think more about it later.


its been super smooth for me, iam getting much better performance this time then i did last beta, i’ve yet to get disconnected once and last time i was lucky if i could go 5 minutes without getting kicked

I get the concept of the server slam.

We have had 2 full weekends prior to slam these servers and show them it wasnt even close too enough power on their end to lag out.

What im saying is Right out of the gate I see no improvement to the lag, its twice as bad, GO back tot he we have made changes and tweaked yata yata to bla bla, yah no its worse.

Thats foreboding if you if add it up. We arent even at peak hours right now !

I expect there to be lag, But i expect lag to less then previsouly not twice as bad.

Usually improvements, include improvements, you know they see the load on the servers and they upgrade and redirect accordingly. This is like trying to wash a spotless window with a dirty rag.

@ Johntron " its been super smooth for me, iam getting much better performance this time then i did last beta, i’ve yet to get disconnected once and last time i was lucky if i could go 5 minutes without getting kicked"

^ I Would rather be disconnected then rubberband. ^

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I was having zero issues until trying to go east out the city now at level 8, can’t leave

edit: left the game and came back and it worked fine, still no other lag.

Sorry you’re experiencing issues. Just out of curiosity, what region do you play from? That would probably be helpful for devs

Server side lag aside, the performance for me is DRASTICALLY improved and I’m on an old azz PC with an i5-2500k and a 1660 ti

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I have 0 lag in NA East Coast right now.

I have zero lag, but am expecting it… since the entire intent is a server test… not a fun time player free play weekend.

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I have massive lags too, unplayable, nothing of that was in the previous closed beta

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I Have gotten lag since right after opening cinematic. :rofl: Standing in the first town stuck in a loop of drawing my weapons and getting attacked by enemies i can’t see :rofl:. Nothing i wasn’t expecting (server slam,derp). Just thought I’d share so everyone else could get a laugh, Good luck all.

yep on east coast and experiencing complete freezing and unable to move in place server slam a success

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It is SUPPOSED to be worse, dude.
They are purposefully overloading the servers to see how the servers handle it, and how they can improve.

The Server Slam is SUPPOSED TO BE LAGGY. It’s working as intended.
This is not a flaw. They are not showing us how smooth it is. There is supposed to be lag.

looks worse too. theres ugly aliased shimmering around my fat druid like he oiled up and the sunrays decided to be 8bit looking

most apparent on character selection and in the inventory preview.

its uglier in general. performances didnt get any better tho. still hiccups and asset loading.

europe. started extremely good now i have about 30fps sometimes down under 10.
Nvidia 99% fps 2 or 0. 30mins ago i had 120 fps.
ping is about 40ms. not good but also not that bad.

i know switch graphic settings from high to low and back to high.
now its better.

seems like a bug.

No lag, no rubberbanding for me. Runs much better than the first public beta test. Just logged out after a couple hours to call it a play session.

The game actually ran a LOT better than the two betas for me up until about 10 minutes ago which is when I’m guessing population jumped. Now it is laggy just like beta maybe slightly less.

So far i haven’t experienced any lag, and my setup is far from optimal. 10 year old computer on starlink for rv. I have no explanation for this, but I personally am not complaining. At least not yet…

according to the known issues post, that’s a known issue