Suggestions for Grenade Rogue

Here’s my take on a melee grenade rogue after level and playing and being disappointed in it this season. Its clearly a style they created and meant to be played so not sure why its not been supported since the Explosive glyph introduction.

  1. First, Rogue Skill Tree: There isnt much here as most of Grenade play style is behind aspects.
  • Increase Smoke Grenades radius or radius of all grenades in general, there isnt a lot of grenade focus on the Skill Tree so not much input for it.

  • Exposure grenades need to scale higher and work with the Explosive glyph.

  1. Legendary Aspects: All of them need their values adjusted - its interesting Ice Spike works so well but Grenades don’t (a large part of that is due to the aspects Sorc has vs what Rogue does not have). Shattered Stars also got a nice rework that made it usable but most grenades are way too low value. Plus need to rework how they are spawned for melee/ranged play styles.

Some ideas on how I could see adjustments:

  • Opportunists - When you break Stealth with an attack, you drop a cluster of exploding Stun Grenades around your location that deal [X] Physical damage and Stun enemies for 0.50 seconds. Your Grenade Skills deal x50% increased Critical Strike Damage.

  • Artful Initiative - When you spend 100 Energy you release a cluster of exploding Stun Grenades that deal [X] total Physical damage and Stun enemies for 0.5 seconds. Your Grenade Skills deal x30% more damage.

  • Quickening Fog - You automatically drop a Smoke Grenade at the end of Dash. Smoke Grenades reduce Dash’s Cooldown by [0.4 - 0.6] seconds for each enemy hit, up to [2.0 - 3.0] seconds. This cooldown reduction is tripled when you hit Elites.

  • Explosive Verve - Your Grenade Skills count as Trap Skills. Whenever you arm a Trap or drop Grenades, you gain [10 - 18%] increased Movement speed for 3 seconds. Grenades have x50% increased radius. (This needs something more, its completely mandatory for any stun grenade build).

  1. Weapons and Uniques - there really isn’t any that support the Grenade playstyle, although Beastfall Boots do assist with Artful Initiative when running Preparation/Tibaults/Concealment.
  • Eyes in the Dark - Unless it hits a Boss or Player, Death Trap will continue to re-arm itself until it kills an enemy. Death Trap’s is increased by [30 - 50%] , however the Cooldown is increased by [20 - 15%]. Enemies damaged by Death Trap take x70% more damage from your Grenade Skills for 6 seconds. (I just dont know how these pants could ever compete with Tibaults currently).
  1. Paragon Board
  • Explosive - needs to scale all grenades. Its Additional Bonus needs to be looked at, 2 seconds makes no sense considering these are Stun grenades and no other glyph has that low of a timer. Additional Bonus: You gain x15% Damage Reduction for 10 seconds after dropping a Stun Grenade.

  • Deadly Ambush - You deal x22.5% increased Critical Strike Damage to enemies hit by your Trap Skills for 6 seconds. Trap skills deal increased damage equal to x20% of your [Damage to Enemies Affected by Trap Skills] (or whatever this gets reworked to).

  • No Witnesses - Your Ultimate Skills gain an additional x30% damage from your [Damage with Ultimate] bonus, and grant this bonus to all Skills for 8 seconds when cast. Adding this since Death Trap/Exposure is Trap/Grenade play style. *Damage with Ultimate is very hard to stack, this needs to be higher considering Barbarian Blood Rage is 25%, active at all time and is a very desirable stat to stack.

*Also please buff Flurry… the play style for Flurry Grenades feels fun/engaging but the damage is honestly pitiful. Shadow Imbue → Dash → Flurry → Conceal → Death Trap → Flurry → Evade → Flurry; rinse repeat using Beastfall boots and its usually instant resets with Preparation.


Love everything about this, I’ve been playing pure trapper and then pure stun grenades and these changes would make so much sense. The one skill that rogue has with stun grenades, Exposure, isn’t even buffed by the Explosive glyph. Having to be melee and use aspect of surprise, lethal dusk, and Oppurtunist as a work around could be dealing way more damage.

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Pretty happy that at least all the Grenade aspects will roll with Grenade Increased damage now plus Opportunist will drop on stealth and breaking now. So may roll out the Grenade rogue in s4 again.

*Welp the new unique Ring has me going back to Flurry grenade rogue again for 2nd season in a row. This time should go way better though.

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I was thinking about that ring, it’s basically just for the 5% lucky hit chance for grenades, don’t “have” to use flurry. I think I’ll skip it honestly.

So after playing PTR grenade Rogue, I honestly don’t think they’ve gone far enough. Most the aspects still do too little flat damage, opportunist is still good and the only one worth building around. Compare this to other new builds and Rogue Flurry ring is dead last. Altho not sure I saw anyone doing a Druid landslide self cast with new ring.

Grenade builds require too much Aspect and no slot for Defensive Aspect, Armor is too low.

I don’t think it’s wise to use ALL Grenade aspects for a grenade build, honestly evade grenades and stealth grenades are all you need.

You can get 40% more damage from Edgemasters on bow or Elements etc.

I don’t like using Flurry with grenades, unique ring can be used for the 5% lucky hit chance only, then use a different or no core skill, whatever you wish.

Before the PTR I still needed either RF or TB with poison Imbue to kill bosses much faster than just stun grenades. A combination of dodge, grenades, and DoT is best I think instead of all Grenade aspects plus flurry.

I’m not even sure the grenade damage bonuses were multiplicative. Grenades need a bigger radius by standard since scaling size doesn’t increase dmg similar to Dust Devils.

The evade/shadowstep aspect could use higher base grenades…the opportunist still the only good one. Plus would be nice if it dropped grenades at start and end of the shadowstep.

Still think it’s not where it should be damage wise yet.

Blast trapper seems like a decent rework, would love if the damage was higher

I read making Grenades count as traps increases the radius size with the Snare Glyph, but I haven’t tested to see if it’s noticeable.

I didn’t notice a size or damage increase last I tested this.

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Same here and I just tested it today, PTR didn’t have any notes for stun grenade radius, it was a previous patch that states the radius would be larger with “grenades count as traps”. Shouldn’t even be an aspect.

Thats the problem with some aspects, theyre pretty much mandatory but don’t really add much damage. At least in Druids case, the conversion in itself is pretty powerful and often it is on a Unique with another feature. Grenades to Traps is pretty garbage. Would almost prefer Grenades into Marksman so a Flurry build could use Tricks of the Trade to amp the grenades… idk the Rogue skill classifications are lackluster compared to Necro or Druid.

Or maybe while you have Imbued charges, grenades have an additional feature… although what those are would be possibly hard to balance with how many grenades you can drop.

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Impetus doesn’t work with grenades either, moved distance needed to get it, went stealth, lost impetus, moved again until I got the buff, broke stealth with basic making grenades drop. Impetus still active!

granade to traps aspect is not increasing grenades damage?
all grenades aspects showing “Grenades Skills damage increase by X%” then Grenades Skills are count as Trap Skills should trigger Snare Glyph that increase Trao Skill’s damage by 13.2% per 5 Int. Does it not working?

Grenade Rogue built around CQC is probaly the way to go this season. The amount of Crowd Control you can get via temper is pretty nice .

Probably true, although it’s really not how I want to play. I still plan on running a Grenade rogue this season although I really don’t get why they saw a nerf compared to some of the other builds classes have in PTR.

I’m still planning on doing Exposure/Preparation but honestly I don’t get how No Witnesses hasn’t seen a significant buff. Druids Thunderstruck is superior with less of a condition same with Blood Rage.

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Grenades count as traps does increase damage, so does snare glyph. No Witness needs a rework as weapon gemmed diamonds are the only source for ult damage, that like 16% with word of hakan/flickerstep

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Anyone been hitting Grenade Size temper? Bricked 20 items without hitting it once which feels insane. They need to make the grenade tempers on its own manual similar to Dust Devil.

I do believe you get the damage increase from it but not the 25% increase area.

Sitting on 92% Grenade Size at the moment.

Sadly the Flurry, Grenade, Preparation, and Exposure set up has been greatly reduced in damage from the ptr (where it was just okay).

Finally got the 100%, it’s rough. That should be the base size before the tempers come in to play. Honestly probably giving up on Rogue this season, Heartseeker doesn’t really interest me.