Spark use - allow us to directionally roll

Allow us to use uber unique spark for a directional roll.

I think it would be nice to be able to pick the roll we are trying to get - and allow it to be max of that roll.


Stop being a peon. Clearly, you need to salvage 5 sub-par Ubers to make the perfect one!

My snarky reply aside - I would never use a spark for a stat re-roll on an uber. You could get worse, it’s Blizzard math, and 5 Sparks = any guaranteed max Uber of your choice; they always come maxed.

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I am saying let us use a spark to choose a stat to max roll on another non-uber piece.

i.e. if you have a unique or legendary, you’d like to reroll a stat to max.

Although probably unable to reroll uniques, so it would be nice to us to get an option of doing a max roll on a stat you need on a good piece of gear.

I think the trade off will be there for those playing the game long enough to do this.

Imagine that perfect piece of gear that is costing over 30 million gold a roll just to get the right stat. This would guarantee a max roll stat of your choice.

Granted this would force people into uber farm even longer.

Sorry I misunderstood. I like this idea but not on other uniques but as an enchant roll.

Make it cost 0 and have an auto max roll and 3 or even 4 choices.

Ah, that’s a horse of a different color. I withdraw my snark.


This happens to me all the time.