Something is seriously wrong with the network

Its the new line of code they added in to prevent the trade/duplication exploit and the new stash tab is causing a lot of overhead in the API.

Something is up with Blizz side, I am running perfectly fine even when it comes to other games. I checked to see if I have packet loss on my lines, zero packet loss. My while play D4 latency is at 60 or 66. Graphics is running at 120 FPS. Every time I go into a NM dungeon, Helltide or just plain combat. I noticed while in combat the mobs HP doesn’t go down when attacking and then all of the sudden they die. Even when fighting dungeon bosses, I’ll hit them and hit them, and their HP doesn’t go down and then 2 seconds later their HP is half way or they just die.


I have not logged in the game in almost a week now. Because of the lag and rubber banding. And i know how to tweak my system to optimal performance. Even on D3 i can get small lag spikes but nothing like this.

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Whoa! Didn’t even think of that. I’ll give it a try, thanks!

No, no issues on my end except for the first 5 seconds of the world boss fight. Big spike in latency on that one but no disconnects.

Yeah, was pretty bad on and off post patch.

Same issue here. After a patch I disconnect all the time.

Everything up to date.

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Yep. Teleporting = network disconnect. It is very annoying.

Same for me. Nearly every time I TP, I disconnect.

Did you check this out:

Try disabling crossplay. That seemed to help me.

I personally didn’t notice any difference in the last period. Just the usual rubber banding and occasional lag spikes, by now I’m used to it…

I can run warships, DCS on a server with over 50 people connected and i get no issues. I log into d4 and network disconnects left and right. Its a D4 issue since the 1st patch.

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Fix the servers Blizzard. It is time.

Open up your US Robotics network config go down to your TCP/IP TTL settings change the string to 100100100 hit save reboot

Its the same patch as the 1.12 HOTFIX 4 they just got both fingers and toes crossed this time.

Quick question OP.
Do you run lengthy sessions?
Not asking for your personal play-time session statistics, nor should you have to do this in this day and age…
I found that if I’m playing for longer than 2-3 hours it’s best to get squared away, exit game and restart it.
Long sessions just lead to decreased performance sometimes - across the boards(network lag mostly among other things).

Might be tinfoil but who knows - all that back-to-town, town hub hopping and loading everyone over the course of hours might be part of a - not necessarily “the” - problem.

Also never had too much lag before the goold old Barber so there’s that. You can ‘feel’ those dps calcs. lol

This increased overall performance for me as well. I recently turned it off to group with friends and left it on to passively test it while playing - quite the difference actually(again, tinfoil as I don’t know jack and might be wrong)

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No for that game I just started a brand new NMD and got the lag.

To be fair, the network has been better recently. Only 1 disconnect since when ported back to town to sell stuff - this happened 2 days ago. Lost 2 NMD sigils since then as well (loading screen stuck when porting to the dungeon).

Overall the network seems better. Maybe because people are leaving the game?

I just remembered. I did do one thing that the other guy suggested which had to do with a windows power management setting:

“Change it to Do not let Windows manage power to network card.”

Maybe that was the issue but other people are complaining as well so maybe not.

2 days ago i have 0 players around me, Kyovashad was a ghost town and all my friends are shown as not online despite 1 being online.

Something is cooking, probably their servers.

By agreeing with you, I risked getting banned again. But I say what has to be said.

Please listen to your modem and compare.