So is this the diablo we wanted?

after playing the beta and see what we got i must say its a fun for a limited time game but no way people will play it for years and years. more over so pay to do so
now what is good in this game?
-the moment to moment game play (on most classes and build) fell fun for the first 20 or so levels but starting to get repetitive.
-the look of the game s really well made. so much amazing looking gear sets and skill effects.
-lots of different builds that most looks to work.
-the open world is nice for an mmo (even if it take from the diablo game play).
now to the parts that do not work as well.
-classes are all over the place. things like sorcerer and necromancer are so OP its not even funny. then druid and barbarian are a total joke. why barbarian is a weapon master basically where i need to have 4 weapons on me all the time? why druid look so BAD and plays like trash? don’t even changes to animals but for the skills only? the rogue is in a good place. not to weak and having a strange game play and not OP.
-the dungeons are not OK WHAT SO EVER. why make it a labyrinth if i am forced to explore it 100%?. just make it a ff14 dungeons at this point as its effectively just one but force you to spend more time in it. like have objectives as extra. if some one just want to rush to the boss and miss the loot and exp let them. if the later one be just like this he game wont last long.
now to the two points that at this stage are to hared to know if they are good or bad.
-world bosses and events. at first they are fun but they repeating them self to much for no. the world boss is not that interesting after 1 time. bit we cant know as all we got is the first zone. can be improved as we go on.
-gear sets. to me they are ok. strait forward and easy to understand . some people want it more complex and interesting (to them). we first need to see what later sets be like and what sets from world 3 and 4 be like. if i am not mistaken the set on world 4 be the more complex and interesting. so we need to wait and see on this part.
no if the devs don’t fix all the problems we see now the game be a bigger flop that any thing they did to date. as the casuals use clearly build up on will not stay for replaying world 4 as its hard and they don’t got the time.

what you think of this?


I think too many people playing 1/30th of a game and coming up with strong opinions on a game that is based around end game content is absurd. I think your post is fine though, just a lot of people in general coming up with crazy strong opinions. If your friend played WoW and hated the first 25 levels what would you tell them? Exactly. :wink:

The insane level of detail in the graphics and sound are both awesome though. The classes seem to all be interesting and unique and I can see myself playing each one as the seasons go by (I’ve always been a one or maybe two class person forever until seeing these ones). World boss was awesome. The dev team has fixed so many bugs in a matter of a week. Can’t really comment on much else though.


Probably. I like it so far.

A bit difficult to judge the game on a limited Beta though.


I do like the game but something is missing to really pull it all together for me but I can’t quite put my finger on it. A lot of things right now seem rather basic and could use just that extra little bit like they are a step or two away from it. Hopefully I’ll figure it out after launch and I go through the other zones and see how the rest of the story goes.

To each their own.

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I think this will grow as the game goes on. We need a low barrier of entry to get new people into the game and keep it active when it comes to the player base.

Even me, someone who almost exclusively has played RPGs and MMOs for my entire life, logged into POE years after it came out, saw the systems and giant skill tree, was overwhelmed and didn’t want to play. The same thing happens when I would log into a WoW expansion like 2/3 in: there’s so much crap it’s overwhelming and takes a lot of energy to get through and not want to instantly quit.

There are a lot of people I’ve seen that are new to this genre, but good / great gamers in other genres struggle and die a bunch in veteran mode. It may seem easy to a lot of us Diablo veterans but you have to understand it’s probably not to new players and we need to ease them in. Difficult stuff will 100% be there later on. The game will also develop and become more complex.

Build and build a solid number of players and make the game more intricate from there after we reel them all in. I think this is the way to do it

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ya judging it off 1 act and 25 levels is definitely the play.


then read it all and find out i do not judging it.


its funny, so far the game reminds me of Mythos, which was a test game made by ex blizzard employee’s who formed Flagship studios, the same guys who made d1 and d2. it had the same style open world areas and gathering. coincidence?

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I love it so far. Between the itemization and the entire world and all of its dungeons staying viable throughout the entire game, I expect to get many hours out of the game before I hit the boredom wall that I do in D3 after a week in each season.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what I can do with the barbarian once I have access to more legendaries, uniques, skill points, and the paragon tree.

lol If you’re talking about WoW, and someone hates the first 25 levels, guess what…The rest of those levels are exactly the same. All that changes in the endgame is gear, and whether you stick to pve, pvp, raid, or all three lol.


Yes. Very much so. So far. Sorc and Necro a “little” strong right now though. On the other hand I had a great time levelling my Barb. I found it to be at the right difficulty. :+1:

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Right, the game isn’t build or designed around leveling. It’s built around end game content. That was my point

I hate leveling in WoW but the end game content I know I’m going to be able to play is usually fun enough to outweigh my dissatisfaction with spending 2 entire days of playtime to get to that point. But that’s just me, some people love leveling and questing

replaying the beta over and over will get boring. Cant judge the whole game on that.

I dont think it will be like diablo 2 Resurrected when one would replay it on all difficulties (Or try to) with a lot of characters. The way its made makes u invest a lot in a specific character. D2r is very basic and vinilla compared to this. Think im probably just gonna have 2 , maybe 3 characters throughout the my entire experience between now and the next 10 years lol. But lets see. this just my opinion on how the game will go down for me.

Regarding heroes being unbalanced with each other, blizzard intended it to be like that. Heroes will be more powerful or less powerful than others during the phases of leveling and so on. But the Barb will apparently be buffed a bit. I hear theres too many complaints that he is too weak at the start. All the barbs muscles cant just be for show right xD

It is on paper.

Like if you had told me that they’d borrow concepts from games like lost ark, but with a better theme/motif, great graphics, make diablo into an ARPG with some very light MMO type concepts, and bring back pvp I’d have been over the moon excited for it.

The implementation of it all, however…isn’t living up to the"on paper" hype.


the game is literally build to be replayed on all difficulties . then take part in seasons. if you think they failed on this part then the game is F

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this right here…i can not understand it…you’re complaining for more stats, more codex, more options…the class is special, where you’ll get to master all weapons and then you`ll chose passives of the weapons to always be active.

that`s at like 2 extra stats-stick, and 2 legendary codex powers extra.

Level scaling to match the plater is the biggest issue. It’s really a problem. Level - 5 if zone is under player level should do fine.

Camera zoom could use a 15-20% additional range option. Just as when you leave town/camp and enter the out doors, you get a little zoom out - maybe one more level would be fine, here.

The tips between zones(and frankly the amount of load screen simulation) need fixing. 9/10 are about Barbs being able to equip 4 weapons.

Since skills scale with level and items, I don’t see why we need to level lock skills. Especially with monster scaling matching players. This is a huge misstep. In past, you gate skills because they have strengths that amplify the players ability to clear maps. This isn’t the case in d4. Your auto attacks are often your highest DPS, with limited AOE.(Seriously, try an basic skill build, with affixes that support it. All classes are very strong, here, and don’t even need additional skills)

There needs to be a few more music tracks per zone. I feel like I heard the exact same 3-4 minute loop, and I ended up turning the music off because it wasn’t immersive enough to make a player feel like they were in different scenarios.

Key rebinding is an absolute must. PLEASE STOP LIMITING OUR ABILITY TO BIND WHAT WE WANT TO THE KEYS. Hell, wake up already. Why do we /need/ a gating for key presses? This is a user preference, not a gameplay mechanic.

Speaking of keys, holy hell is this ever a console port. The amount of buttons and pinwheel activity is beyond acceptable. PC players press a hotkey on the keyboard(there are 26 of them, not including special characters or numbers) and open a window. Why we have to open a window, to open a window, to open a window… Is like, steps backward so far we can’t even see you.

All in all, stop being lazy with development. Take a few of the UI guys, a few of the devs and within a few hours, fix this stuff. You don’t need months to fix keymapping, months to fix the audio track loop, months to fix the tips between zones, months to disable limitations to keybinding skills, months to adjust monster scaling. All of these things take an hour, at most. I’m very involved in game development in another game(all open source and volunteer, by the way) and issues like these are fixed by guys with kids jumping all over them.

A few missteps in characters being invulnerable in their skill states, perhaps remove the invuln and make them fortified+barrier, so they can still die. We don’t need Kennen Lightning rush invuln or vladimir sanguine pool invuln, or tryndamere undying invuln. We need a game that feels good to play and the players need to micro.

The pacing in the game is fine, outside of monsters having leveling attributes matching the player(and better).

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You are going to get thousands of different answers to that question lol …

For me personally, it’s not the Diablo I wanted. I can do without the “cultural correctness” being shoved down my throat in my game worlds and the shallow/dumbed down mobile like gameplay that it is. Which is fine, I requested a refund, and they honored it.

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it’s not shoved down your throat. There are human beings other than elves with big busts. The content in the game that even COULD be PC, is covered by armor. Consider other humans with different attributes exist, and the game is trying to go with realism.

You don’t HAVE to watch the show you don’t like the content in, you can change the channel.

It is kinda close… Perhaps not at this point but there is potential