Simple Feature Requests

Could we please get the following three, very simple features:

  1. Could we please either get an emote that takes us directly to the Tree of Whispers so we don’t have to manually select the location from the map, given how often we go there? Either that, or please allow us to customize the location we are teleported to when pressing the down button on the d-pad (on consoles).

  2. For the Wardrobe, could we please add the ability to equip all available pieces of a given armor set? If I have all pieces of a set it would be great to be able to equip the whole set at once rather than pick each cosmetic piece one at a time. It is becoming tedious to navigate through so many items as the list of cosmetics keeps growing from seasons and the shop.

  3. This is super easy - Could we please have the option to either automatically or manually play the “By Three They Come” cinematic video from the main menu? Every once in a while I like to rewatch it and it sucks having to exit the game and watch a lower quality version on YouTube, when the full gorgeous video is already in the game files.

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A few suggestions for console from me:

  • player highlight color select for when you’re playing on the same screen and/or a simple player select menu - which will let you choose Player 1 or Player 2 and allow you to select/change your highlight color.
  • an option in the Training Grounds that allows us to toggle available buffs so we can check our stats
  • fix the damn horses
  • a zoom out option for multiplayer
  • the armor tab in the character stat sheet should display the percentage of physical damage mitigated from your current armor
  • LOADOUTS! x9,000!!!