Shakogate 2.0 will you ban the exploiters this time blizz?

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I (and many others) am just wondering what the plans are for the newest exploit of people abusing the game getting tons of uber Duriel mats to kill him without any effort and getting end game BiS gear without doing the work for the items?

Will you again let it slide and let all these cheaters keep their ill gotten gains or are you going to finally uphold your ToS against all these exploiters and hit them with the ban hammer. You already turned off trading for player to player because of it so now its time to ban these cheaters.

Also maybe next season have a PTR so we can test and find these bugs before you release the season for it to be invalidated and ruined within a week.



Unharmonious robots are using high technologies to brush out a large number of Uber Duriels

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I wish it was just a bot problem, but i got a chuckle out of your comment <3

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they should just give everyone that random 3 choice of which uber unique you want next time you login. That way everyone can stop complaining about people that got something unfair.

If everyone is super, than no one is! heh

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Nah, getting uber item fo free is not fun.


That would invalidate the dopamine hit you get when you achieve getting one of the items the legit way. What they should really do is put all uniques in the same drop table and stop with this dumb founded “UBER” unique crap.


Getting the Shakos from Helltides during that time wasn’t an exploit, this one is. It’s different.

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They received items from the chests that shouldn’t have dropped at such a high drop rate. Weather you want to call it an exploit or not they abused it and 100s of people got free uber uniques and blizz did nothing to them. They released a statement that for the future they will “ENSURE a FAIR game for everyone!”. So just like shakogate will they let these cheaters get away with it again.

That’s the real question.

Here is their own post and where they said they will make the game fair for everyone in the future:

In the future, we may need to take action to maintain fairness within the game when a bug or exploit impacts the gameplay of others.

So here we are in the future that was posted on July 7th 2023. So if these people abusing the “unlimited ticket” to kill Duriel constantly arnt banned then we know they don’t care about fair gameplay.