Season journey progress not working - open a helltide's chest

yes same issue here and i have tried all types

I got the 3 mystery gift achievement though

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Same here! I open a lot of helltide chests, at difficult 3 and 4, alone and in party…But still unfinished this quest

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Same here. I’ve been opening more than 15 chests per day, including mysteries and no “A Boon in the Tide” Achievement.

Does Blizz actually look at these posts? I see a lot of problems on these forums that are weeks old and not fixed.

I have the same issue contacted blizzard about it and they said to come and check this forum but it seems they haven´t fixed it.

I have the same issue. I’ve tried a chest of each cinder cost, different hell tides, different days, still won’t complete. It’s also not counting all the T4 bosses I’ve done either.

Same issue here! 3 days now

Yeah same Bug here.
Dont know what to do to fix this

same bug here
can’t advance

same I am stuck on that part of the season quest, cant get passed that level, my necro build never gonna kill someone in PvP :stuck_out_tongue:

same issue. Blizzard please fix this.

I have been stuck for 2 weeks. There have been hundreds of reports but Blizzard has ignored us all.

same bug for me. opened about 4 chests (misc) and nothing.

Yeah, same issue for myself. It’s been about a week of trying now and the issue has not been resolved. I am making progress on the other chest achievement, though.

@blizzard this is still an issue

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Yeah it’s bugged.
No matter which chest you open you still don’t get the seasonal progress.

same problem. i tried world tier 3 and 4. did not work.

same problem but also helltide commanders beside the first one i slayed :frowning:

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Daily bump please fix

There’s no proof that they’re looking at anything from any evidence of a response.

Be sure you’re not thinking the things that drop w/ the meteors are commanders. Usually it’s just a stronger mob. If it doesn’t say Commander in the name bar, it won’t count.