Season 4 Unique Drop Tables

Hello PTR Wanderers -

We wanted to provide the drop tables for new uniques coming to Season 4 and the bosses you can find these drops on the PTR.

Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint

World Tier 3 and 4
Barbarian - Twin Strikes
Druid - Earthbreaker
Rogue - Saboteur’s Signet
Necromancer - Ebonpiecrer
Sorceress - Flameweaver

Lord Zir

World Tier 4
All Classes - Yen’s Blessing
Barbarian - Arreat’s Bearing
Druid - Wildheart Hunger
Rogue - Scoundrel’s Kiss
Necromancer - Cruor’s Embrace
Sorceress - Fractured Winterglass

Echo of Duriel & Echo of Andariel

World Tier 4
Uber Unique - Tyrael’s Might