Season 3 played without construct

Yes… I’ve just levelled my mage to 100 in season 3 without using a pet and it was the best most satisfying season yet… I know by not using a pet i couldn’t access the vaults and the traps etc etc… but I did still do all open world seasonal content and it has been amazing…I love that low level uniques now drop regularly this makes your character build more involved, for those who don’t want to use a pet… don’t… the game has been so much better for me without it… the construct monsters etc are good my ability to destroy is optimum and I don’t have to faff about with adding crap to an already crappy pet… but best of all - I am the one empowered not the pile of misaligned metal that follows everyone about. Season 3 is a success for me but not because of the mechanics but rather because I could play to 100 my way. Looking forward to the boss fight mat gathering and rinse and repeat to see more higher level kit.

The pet doesn’t add value to the fight even when Max level. So I too, played season 3 without a pet.

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It’s only crappy because you don’t know how to use it. The pet can solo Lilith or duriel if you know what you’re doing. Or give your sorcerer infinite mana. Mine gives me +4 all skills and 50x damage that’s up 100% of the time. Try telling me that’s useless.

When you go up against a fight with the butcher just remember “you don’t know how to use it”.

The butcher is usually dead before he can finish saying “fresh meat” so I’m not really sure what that proves about the pet.

You must be another pc player replying to comments in the console section.

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No - I do know how to use it… I choose not to use it - I have completed all content over all 3 seasons - I do have a Druid with Pet but I simply don’t like the look or way it plays, my mage is great to play without the pet and that’s what the game is about enjoyment - really what you are saying is you can’t play the season without the added bonus of the pet… but that’s okay you’ll get better as you practice and grow up.

Well that’s not what I was saying at all. If you choose not to use it that’s your choice and more power to you, you play the game how you please. I could take all the stones out of mine and still rip through T100s like a hot knife through butter but at that point I’d be better off just playing on eternal realm for how I want to play the game.

What I was commenting on was the pet being weak which is not the case at all.

Pet helps greatly I will say depending what stone you use will make all the difference. Not all stone orders work it will say it. Upgrading the stones helps greatly this is done just by finding them. Depending on the stone order and what it is the pet can easily wipe out mobs. The pet can help defeating bosses but not all bosses are easy to beat with the pet that is by design intended.

If you have a good sense of making your character decent or good of course you don’t need a pet. That’s not the season intention.