Sanguine Altars gray out when getting close

So I want to use the altars to finish the Blood Seekers whisper on a new blood harvest and every single one of them get grayed out only when I’m within 5 feet of them. Did someone use them and there’s a cooldown? Does the area need a certain amount of kills to be useful? Why doesn’t it even show it being grayed out ALL THE TIME???


Chiming in to let folks know we’re aware of the issue. The team is currently investigating this and we will provide status updates as soon as they’re available.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.


How about an update on the seasonal journey “Potent Vows” not working and not being noted in next week’s patch notes. Help please!

Maybe you devs should’ve actually play tested this stuff before you pushed it out


Will there be any fixes on major bugs or only minor things that have zero impact on anything?

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yea saw it today too when helping a friend glad so see its a known bug

(Pro Tip: Flagship Seasonal Content: Uber Boss summoning material - Living Steel Chests are NOT PRESENT! Players must jump though hoops to get them to not spawn but be VISIBLE! 1. Port out/back. 2. Enter Cellar/Dungeon. 3. Exit game - rejoin. This is NOT Aceeptible to legitimate players or anyone. Fix this before anything else. It’s a time-theft when it comes down to the wire and cinders are lost due to this and a player gets stuck in “queued for login > 1 min remaining” which essentially means - restart client and kiss cinders g’bye!)

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Not sure if a patch today changed things, but I noticed with the altars, they got greyed out when I approached them mounted. Dismount, and I think they turned white again. They still worked regardless.

I’ll check again tomorrow and see if that’s changed.

The thing is these altars were working perfectly fine this whole season until my current session (on PS5 for the record).

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Against my better judgment I decided to check the season out I’ve ran into bug after bug. Bone prison would rarely even register.

i assume you use an external site? their timings can be a little off.

Not the case.
I expected this reply and no.
I’ve done the Helltide rodeo more times than I can count.

Here’s an example: Hawezar WB Spawn coincides with the rare Helltide.
On a whim I decide “why not?”.
Southeast exit from that crater/caldera is my departure point.
Spawn was 11:30.
There’s 30 min left to HT so NO RESETS.
I have no 3rd P maps open.
I exit crater and see a Myst and LS chest show up side by side.
I go " Cool!!" because 2 great things together no??
I proceed to go ham in the HT and I DO open my phone to the HT page.
I check back 2 additional TIMES on that chest “just to be sure”.
Confident I open 2 mystery and a Helm(targeted).
Down to 175 cinders and 5 min - safe and secure that LS chest will be there bc I saw it initially and the 2 subsequent “just in case looksee’s”…I spend cinders.
So 175-ish I get to 300 with 1.5 min left.
I go to THE SPOT and …guess what? no chest. I TP out and back because with 1.5 min remaining s/e relog is NOT an option.
TP didn’t work.
s/e was the way because of this bugged :poop: (one never knows precisely what will work).
So yea - moral of the story?
Fix your blankety blank :poop: because it’s simply disgraceful and disrespectful to the playerbase in a timed and material deleting event that’s supplying materials to your vaunted Seasonal content.

Are you aware of the issue with loot scaling on monster Lv 100+? The minimum iLvl should be 830, but this is not the case. People pulling items in the 600 range from Lv 135 monsters.

no offense but this confuses joke i use a 3rd party map on my second screen for the living steel chests, but the timers in game work fine

i read something similar today. is your system time fine?

It’s totally fine.
I mean I, to date, have NEVER missed a WB outside of er…“user error”.

But to exit that Crater/Caldera - see a LS and Myst chest N/S from each other - kill that boss in passing…farm farm…(there’s 2 events nearby too), check 2x times further and return to claim at 11:58.
I mean the HT was still active and I had prioritized(possibly erroneously) the Myst just south of exit/LS chest which WAS THERE at 11:54 am. I distinctly recall the times because I was at wits-end and skeptical…
I got the 125 very quickly and had moments to get the LS.

Blank spot.
Bad Coding.
This is all over Reddit and various bug reports.
This should have been fixed within 48-72 hours MAX.
S/E game, TP to “reset” or “enter nearby cellar/dungeon” is NOT cool. Not at all.
that was the 1200th cinder loss to this bug and believe me - I s/e for sure and shut off computer.
If I’d come here after that I would not be allowed forum priv any longer and this convo would not be happening.

according to your timeline it might just have been a bad timing. dont get me wrong personally im all for perma HT just like bloodharvests. ^^

Again - The Helltide Rodeo.
Too many times. Please don’t question what I factually lived through and witnessed.
EVEN IF I was at an insufficient cinder count - the chest wasn’t there.
I’ve had to Save and EXIT and rejoin game over 1/2 a dozen times AFTER TP/Cellar/Dungeon didn’t work.
I told you of the most recent - and yes - tight timewise - incident.

It’s a bug that I see early, mid and late/end HT.

Just don’t “go there” with “well it coudl’ve been.” - I’m not alone in this and I am far far from pleased by their lack of attention to it, fixing it.
As far as persistent HT’s - It’s what it is. If they do it - fine. If not, then it’s still a timed-challenge which I kind of like.
I just despise my time being wasted or having to jump through hoops to DO something that shouldn’t require said hoops.

What needs to happen above and beyond all else is:
Mysterious and Living Steel need FULL MAP REVEAL like every other chest.
The Mystery is GONE.
There’s a plethora of resources and 3rd party maps/sites.
Just be done with this invisible oooooh crap.
Reveal them like every other.
1st though - fix the flipp’n chests.


i didnt.
20 chars

I’m sorry I asked that without accusation.
Just a frustrated re:
forgive me :heart:

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This issue has been addressed.

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