S4 As Rogue is Fun and Challenging!

Started playing again for S4 and I’m surprised at how much fun I’m having as a rogue. Just beat a t63 pit and it was pretty challenging. Loving the new item systems and how you have to actually do challenging stuff (and some luck) to get better stats.

RF, SS, Dash, Concealment, Shadow imbuement, precision.

19k AP
1300% crit damage
9.4k Armor
25.9k HP

Sure it’s kinda fun, but also annoying how we have to sweat our butts off to get baseline function while other classes get to sit there and press 2 buttons to clear content we could only dream of.

I think Rogue needs serious buffs.


Yea I see so many necros it’s crazy but to me that doesn’t sound fun to just hit 2 buttons and clear everything… I enjoy the mobility/speed of the rogue and dodging stuff while setting up crazy crit damage.

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To be fair, Heartseeker is probably the easiest build in the game with how it auto aims and you could probably play it as two buttons.

Switch to Cold imbuement and Frigid finesse and you’ll be blasting even farther.

Yeah I’m having a blast, it’s outrageously fun!

Congrats on making it to level 63 in the pit already, that’s seriously impressive. I just got to the pit level 21 yesterday, I’m gonna chill out here for a bit and celebrate that victory (it’s Hardcore so I don’t want to push too far too early, there’s still quite a bit I can do to improve my gear before I push beyond the first tier).

Right, who would even one of those one-button-wonder builds? I guess it’d be fun for 5 minutes, and then what? :joy:

I don’t pay attention to what other people are doing anyway, I just play my way and have fun. I have my YOLO Twisting Blades build (very different from the meta builds) that I play every season. It’s always fun, but S4 is the best yet! There’s more options and more flexibility, I don’t even feel like I need to sacrifice much offensive power for survivability this time, it great!

Why is that annoying though? If hypothetically rogues were the only class in the game, would you still be saying they need buffs?

Just made +6 to rapid fire gloves at masterwork 8. Does it just always upgrade the + skills or is it just random?

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With content tuned as it is, probably. But we can’t just look at classes in a vacuum.

I’m still playing Rogue because it’s fun, and that won’t change - but there’s nothing wrong with comparing the power level to other classes which have a way easier time both surviving and dealing damage.

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That’s all fine. We shouldn’t just assume that Rogues need buffing though. There’s nothing really inherently wrong with the Rogue experience…

…meanwhile all the minion Necros out there that think are playing a Diablo game might as well be playing Tamagotchi instead :wink:

Today was pretty crazy. Made a ton of gear changes/upgrades, including some +6 rapid fire gloves. Now sitting at:

20k AP
9.3k Armor
1700% Crit damage
30k Life

Cleared a t73 pit also.

What is the build? That uses only a basic? Is it really actually strong?

We have nothing to compare any class to. We have no announced target baseline and every season the top builds, usually due to bugs/exploits/unintended interactions, are several orders of magnitude apart. The devs are so afraid of nerfs that they just let broken things be broken, even if that means any sort of group activity becomes a staring contest as soon as the broken build of the season joins.

Nice luck! You probably hit the double-25% (at mw4 and mw8) on your rapid fire affix.

Otherwise you’d be at +4. It’s a cool damage upgrade for you.

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I’m now at T85 and got stuck. Cold Rapid Fire. My hope of going forward was my perfect amulet with dmg, GA AtkSpd, and Frigid Finesse. But it got trashed really quick after I ran out of tempering rerolls and wasn’t able to get Cold Imbue+. It now has Poison Imbue +2 lmao

As much as I love the tempering, they need to remove or increase the 5 reroll limit. It’s very quick to ruin perfect items greater-affixed items.

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Yea they dropped at +4 with GA and then both masterworks 4/8 went to +6. I now have +14 rapid fire, if I can get a shako and the last masterwork I can get +19 rapid fire :smiley:

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I havent played rogue since season 1 (barrage/death trap). With barber I thought very highly of it. Made another this season for the extra spark and while it’s a slow starter compared to others, love it now.
I started with the traditional barrage lvling build and switched to heartseeker at 80. With barbs and necros so strong I didn’t feel competitive until 60. Now, at 90, it feels just as good as a bash barb (another basic build) but not as boring.
If you dont mind the slow start it’s feeling S tier to me.

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I just did a lvl 52 pit with my Pen-Shot/vulnerable/ice imb/caltrops build. I have all glyphs at lvl 21, gear is improved, not perfect but good rolls.

A simple small Minion took me longer to kill than Duriel. I made it within 6 mins but it was no fun and only stressfull. I giggle sometimes when i see a shot over 1.000.000.

I will try out Heartseeker Build next to see hits like 160.000.000.

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I’ve started thinking of it as the Yondu build. I keep finding myself spontaneously whistling…

So the gloves are now +7 at masterwork 12. Didn’t hit the final crit but oh well. I’m at rank 16 rapid fire without shako. Just need that shako for Level 20 Rapid fire!