Remove World Tier 3 part of the leveling process

The first and 2nd world tiers are for leveling up, getting to know you character and build. World Tier 4 is for endgame and maxing out you stats and gear.

What does world tier 3 achieve? Just extra levels of pointless grinds and a bunch of Sacred gear you want to get rid of as soon as you hit world Tier 4 so you shouldnt invest too much in it.

Is there any other purpose for that part?

I think if they eliminated that middle part the game and balanced the levels accordingly the game would be much more fun and appealing at all levels

How about being able to survive? You think you’re going to go from WT2 to WT4 and survive? Right.

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Of course I dont mean go from WT2 to WT4 as is now, I meant rebalance the game. Make the leveling process faster, make the player start getting gear they could actually keep after lvl 50 and make the enemies scale better with this new system.

World tier 3 now is nothing but and extra grind for no reason

It definitely doesn’t need to be faster. If you are semi efficient, you can hit lvl 100 in about 20 hrs right now and that’s fast enough.

Rather than buffing XP gain even further which becomes silly, ask Blizz to implement instant lvl 100 for alts (you need to lvl up to 100 manually with one char at the start of a season).

They don’t have to, that’s why there is WT3.

Definitely don’t need faster leveling, so it would be the exact same grind without the number 3. I wish leveling slowed down more after reaching level 50, the most boring part of the game is when you reach level 95 - 100.

WT3 is pointless, they just made it longer so you feel you are achieving levels, but its a waste of time

Y’all should take half a second to read his OP and consider what he is saying before kneejerk responding. He’s making a valid point. Every time i hit WT3 i just sigh. It truly does feel pointless.
I dont understand why it exists, either. The game isnt better for it. Theyve proven they can successfully use level scaling on the overworld. It just seems like someone thought a capstone dungeon would be really fun so they forced their systems around that idea.

You can still have a capstone dungeon. Use it to unlock harder difficulties. You can have difficulty settings that are exclusive from levels. Diablo 3 - love it or hate it - had a much better difficulty system. As the player, you dictated how hard the game was … and how much reward youd get for your risk.

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That’s one of the great things about the WT3 Capstone dungeon. I think it’s very well designed, in that if you struggle in there, you’ll struggle in WT4. It’s refreshing to see a content gate actually being a similar difficulty to the content it’s barring you from playing.

But honestly, that’s the only good thing about WT3. It’s just a vehicle to get your character strong enough to survive WT4, while WT2 is the primary early game levelling system, with WT1 being the game’s “easy mode.”

No, WT2 is a n00b trap and should be avoided at all costs, only played briefly for the capstone.

WT3 is fine as an intermediary step, though I would love to have a WT5 for 80-100 just to smoothen out the curve as WT4 starts to get stale real fast.

Think we should just remove 2/3/4. All problems solved.

Omg you did it it’s fixed!! :joy:

It’s semi-copying D2.

The idea is that you finish the campaign on WT1 or 2. Then WT3 and WT4 are like Nightmare and Hell difficulty in D2 (with their own item tier), except without redoing the whole campaign.

Easy fix, remove the cruddy level scaling.