Rapid fire + scoundrel's kiss is terrible with a controller

Scoundrel’s Kiss + Rapid Fire feels awful on console

Finally was able to snag the ring and give the new rapid fire a try. Watched some videos on it and had high hopes. Have to say it plays like crap on console. It doesn’t auto target very well so it misses alot. You are unable to attack enemies right on top of you. IT Requires way more effort to keep distance to allow the attack to actually hit the enemy and not lob over their head. Just feels super clunky.

Really hope it can get another rework like it did from the PTR. If you kept it the same as the normal rapid fire and just add the AOE effect it would be perfect.


It is. Some things to alleviate the issues.

Activate Targeting and Target Persist in your settings. I would assign targeting on pressing down on L-Stick.

If targeting is on in options, and tou actuvated it by pressing down on L-Stick, have target switch active and where moving the R-Stick will switch targets. This way if the system targeting something far away and to want to switch to a closer target, you can.

Play with Repeating aspect if not already, for challenging bosses just have an alt equip to switch to, since Repeating does nothing against bosses.

If your build can fit shadow imbuement use it.

Consistently play at a distance and back up when needed.

Again, its jank, and needs fixing, but you can make it solidly playable and not a negative ifnyou really want to use it.

Solid advice, thanks.

I honestly enjoy the duo-core rapid fire/pen shot build from icy veins and dont mind using that.

Just was disappointed with scoundrels kiss. Hoping if theres enough talk about it being clunky AF, blizz would take notice of it. Atleast they tweaked it aome from the ptr.

Im using it. It can be clunky. But is it just clunky or is it weak af? I dont see how a few masterworks t1/t2 will take me from doing 200k-500k per exploding arrow to millions per in order to beat lillith.

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Depends. Are you stacking your multipliers? In Precision build are you stacking Crit Damage in your gear. In Victimize build are you Vulnerable damage instead? Are you properly building your Patagon board that has alot of multipliers?

There could be alot of reasons why you feel your damage is lacking tbh.

Yeah I wish they would get rid of the whole lob part and just add aoe explosions.


This was the first combination i was able to do visible damage to the maiden bosses at the helltides event. Problem was that i did not hit the boss most of the time because of the controller steering. I tried TB + Poison. Not even a scratch. I tried PenShot. Same.

I can do some 82 nm dungeons and the pit gets stressfull at lvl 45. Im using the M1PY Penshot build. Good rolls, all glyphs lvl 21, i know the mechanics, but the damage output is like 10% or lets say 1% of other classes damage (not even speaking from 1-shot builds)

The lob mechanic on Scoundrels Kiss has ruined Rapid Fire Rouge builds. No aim, cannot kill enemies right in front of you, flat out just missing targets, clunky AF, and I had such high hopes too.

Just let the mechanic shoot straight BLIZZARD, straight and explode! Y’all WAY over thought this one.


Who is here after the patch?

“You think it’s bad now, just wait”

-Dev team


This is so so bad, I just unlocked it and have had to revert back… you can waste anywhere from 2-4 rapid fire bursts if the enemy is in melee range or jumping in your face…

I think it’s important to note that as a Hardcore Rapid Fire Rogue, getting smashed in the face while I watch all my rapid fire arrows constantly land behind the enemy isn’t ideal. Cheers!

If you can aim that skill any better, it becomes a must have. They need to keep it almost as it is. You should be able to aim where you want reliably, but hitting something right next to you should be a pain in the butt cheeks. That should be the trade off for the explosives vs regular arrows.

This does not make any sense at all in a videogame, specially because no other skill takes proximity into consideration for any kind of its execution. Or should sorceresses frosty nova don’t hit close enemies or any explosive skills that are currently doing it suddenly not do?? It would be just bad design.

IMO the problem is in the calc of the targeting curve, if they can’t make it because it is too close, then they could change to straight line just in these special cases.

But it is not only that, ideally it could be like barrage and letting a clone do the job so we get increased mobility. If not by default, a secondary aspect could bring this behaviour to the skill.

Edit: Yes, it is broken, it is bad and looks very strange visually when it happens, like a subpar animation when compared to anything in the game. I hope they fix it soon too.

try to force cast RF when no mob around abd you will see that RF shot on top on player in aim on top of player. try force stand still and attack.
soing the same when thrre is a mob on top of player then RF shot further away, even if aim on top of player.

Yes, the ring is terrible and I threw mines in the garbage. No more missed shots.

I love the class and have bought 5 skins in the shop for rogue. Heartseeker is viable but rapid fire is my play style and I am about to give up and change to heartseeker even though I will not enjoy playing the game. Please fix this misfire rapid rogue blizzard so I can continue to enjoy the class and build I have spent countless hours building.

Default Rapid fire is buggy as hell, too, though. It just feels worse and is more apparent with the ring.