Rapid Fire Rogue & Lillith

Hit 100, not really following maxroll but took a peak at what boards and glyphs they are using and im close-ish. I have a few greater affix’d items masterworked to T1/2 with some really good stats.

I’m barely scratching lillith. I know she was buffed to like 2 million hp and I just watched Rob kill her on his Bash barb doing 30-50 mill per hit. I guess thats what it takes now? 30mill dps ? Theres no way my rapidfire is doing anywhere near that.

I’m assuming I need to find some better multipliers but not sure which ones? Damage wise: Edgemasters, accellerating aspect, expectant…


Think a lot of RF are going full damage aspects stacking edge masters with elements, retribution, concussive strikes, expectant. Also make sure you have like 7 glyphs with appropriate legendary nodes.

You know theres bash barb build for Rogues that doesnt the same thing :wink:

Maybe I can help you, build on the description: