PSA: PC HDR Fix that works

Hi! I’m Bimbom. I have hundreds of hours in D4. I also play on a $900 HDR OLED that looks truly scuffed when using Diablo 4’s PC HDR implementation. But I’m not just an addicted player that spends a lot of money on their hobbies, I also calibrate displays, including 3D renderings.

This forum doesnt allow proper link sharing, so instead Google Search ‘win11hdr-srgb-to-gamma2.2-icm’ by github/dylanraga for the proper resource.

Dylan’s github is the best general solution I’ve found to correcting D4’s PC HDR outside of more complicated methods like ReShade LUTs. I recommend reading the whole thing. Make sure to follow the ’ Alternate procedure / custom profile’ at the bottom.

Some pointers that will help you out with the Alternate procedure conversion web tool:

  • SDR White is a helpful conversion tool for setting the ‘SDR Content Brightness’ level under Win11 > System > Display > HDR. For most people this will be between 10-20 range or 120 to 150 nits.

  • For Black Floor, try using the Windows HDR Calibration tool via the Windows Store. Take the Minimum Luminance value to use as your Black Floor value. On my AMD GPU it was this value x 0.1. e.g. 0.1 x 0.1 = .01. Your mileage may vary.

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HDR gaming is a meme.

it definitely can be.

a lot of monitors accept an HDR signal when they shouldnt, which means a lot of TVs and PC monitors look awful and washed out. QDLEDs annd OLEDs are getting much better in just the past year.

Games would look a LOT better if MS Windows would get its act together and change the gamma curve like is mentioned in the guide.