PSA for people completing the seasonal journey and quitting until S2 ❗

Be advised that there is a secret Feat of Strength achievement called “Cormund’s Staunchest Ally” that you can get for completing ALL of the seasonal objectives. That’s right, not just the required 80% to progress towards the next step, but ALL of them. You can go back and complete them even after having completed the last step. The reward is the title “Cormund’s Friend”. Y’all probably want to get it seeing as it will be going away at the end of the season. Uber Lilith and NM100 boosts are sold super cheap on the official partnered D4 Discord.

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These titles, as well as the basic titles rewarded for the last chapter of the season journey have to be the biggest flaw in this whole seasonal system.

They advertise the seasons/BP as something you can finish relatively fast, but by the time you completed the battle pass you are not even close to getting the season journey completed.

And that’s not even taking battle pass tier skips into account. Why would you even buy skips if you know that you either have to grind to 100 to get all the rewards, or lose some of the seasonal rewards anyway because you don’t want to grind to 100?
At this point it would make more sense for the accelerated battle pass to allow to skip some of the season journey’s objectives rather than battle pass tiers, and call it pay to win.


No freaking way i’m doing some of the seasonal milestones. I got to the last battlepass level already by simply killing mobs and doing dungeons.

Some of the seasonal milestones are straight up stnpid.
I won’t touch any of those which wants to force me to play PvP
Also i gave up on getting lucky enough to be able to craft a “wrathful invoker”. Crafted around 50 already and no wrathful one. I just let the challenges slide.
Won’t torture myself for a single feat.


So what is the negative for not completing it all? I finished the journey and got my rewards.

Titles don’t go away.

The negatives? Nothing. You just don’t get that random cache with random rewards and the title OP mentioned. And the aspects they give you at earlier stage, you can still get them by random drops. Only thing they give is that you can use them through the codex too once unlocked via journey. Which actually ends with the season. For whatever reason and they will be ereased from the codex once again. Which is the stnpidest decision ever.

I believe I got all that. I could go look again, I did get the final mount and awards.

If it’s about the codex, maybe I misunderstood that it would be seasonal anyway?

Kinda glad its just a title reward cause I aint doing all that.


Me neither. I don’t care for PVP and with the mystery box bug you can’t complete that helltide task no matter how many times you do it because the game won’t recognize it.

Dont wanna be friends with Cormund anyways. The guy is a clown.

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I’d consider sticking around if the reward was one of those mogs in the overpriced store, but just a title? They gotta try harder than that.

I have three objectives to go: uber Mommy, 15 (I’d be higher than 5/15 but some of them didn’t count because Blizzard) WT4 world boss kills and the bugged Helltide chest objective. That last one is starting to get annoying.

The WB dont count, if you TP away to early. Let the tree of whispers quest finish up for the grim favors for the kill and it should count towards the journey progress. If you dont have that bounty on the boss, just go and sit there for 30-60secs instead.
I know it sounds stupid, but thats normally helping.

But you can be “Lilith’s Friend” too. That was actually my main motivation to get that title lol