Poison Damage? Intended or Bug?

TL;DR - Poison damage sux. Easy avoid bc I can salvage sigils, but incredibly annoying to play against. Is it a bug or just the most oppressive elemental damage?

Is poison damage calculated and registered correctly? Any NMD or NMV with a poison affix is an insta-delete. MY entire health globe is just 0 life all poison all the time. Capped poison resist, 22k armor (I know the cap is 13k), 15k life. Thank god for fortify!

Out of all of the elemental damage, no matter the monster level, it seems WAY out of band. Wondering if there were other sentiments towards this. Even NMDs that don’t have a poison affix, but have poison enemies, is awful to play.

Using 8+ potions to negate the DOT poison seems off.


Great question! Poison element does massive damage on impact. On the ground it does some damage it appears to be damage over time. If you can reduce the ground poison you can avoid lethal death. Impact is a lot trickier you need at least 50% to with stand this is true for all elements. Bosses can be a pain. Poison is correct with the damage by design. So, to answer that question yes, it is intended.

If the element is alone, I find it not a problem but when sigils start adding a second one now it will become somewhat annoying to me. Shadow and fire. Poison and bleeding. Worst ones for me.

Farm gems to upgrade them and put it in your gear to reduce the damage it has. Find gear that has good stats against poison. Reroll to find better. Unlock higher difficulty to access better stats against poison. I’ve found 30% to 40% after unlocking nightmare and torment difficulty. RNG has been kind to me so far.