PLEASE Don't add pets

I woudlnt mind at all a lil ferret following me around picking up the gold piles that fell down in Africa that are not worth my time picking up myself.

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No pets. No fun Goblins. No cows.

No shiny armor. No unicorns. No smiling.

No real bosses. No color. No fun.

No fun. This is serious business, and you shouldn’t be playing with a smile and with enjoyment. A good kill warrants a hearty nod and a frowning scowl, then you move on to the next bit of serious gaming.


imagine be so one dimensional that this would annoy and trigger you, when other players would use pets. making the game mmo like was a big mistake. all the snowflakes getting annoyed over bullcrap. what in the world would change in your play experience when every 5min someone would run past you with a pet on there side?

holy crap gaming is lost with the idiots playing games.


My guy, grow up and quit think that you are actually in the game, sorry it will ruin your “immersion”. Pets are helpful when it comes to picking up gold and possibly items. No one cares that you are measurable irl and need to think that you are playing a character battling hell to escape reality. There are other problems with game, add pets would actually help by cutting time a little in dungeon clears. As a fan of DnD go play that if you want immersion and be a dm anything you want can be in your world. Stop having bad ideas and seek help.
Also something to immersion breaking for you is pulling a horse out of your pocket to ride around, I hope you dont use mounts.

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You have seen the decision making by this team.

They will add pets.

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Hilarious considering Blizzard are stomping down on cheating more than they ever have :slight_smile:

Have been banning people for resetting dungeons with magic find keys.

IMAGINE what they do to players they see trying to level characters with multiboxing :slight_smile:

You might want to read this hahahaha Check Mate xD

Likely a reaction to dumb posts like yours begging that your cheating ways can be allowed in D4.

My skeleton army hates this post

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Im all for pets now.


I think alot of this PoE stuff is from PoE fanboys bombarding D4 servers with hate and shade.

That is not about multiboxing per se. As I demonstrated with multiple screen shots from Blizzard, 100% manuall multiboxing is allowed in D4 and D3.

If you use sofftware to automate multiboxing that is against the rules. It is the automation that breaks the rules and not multiboxing.

For your convenience, I have linked a screenshot again for your convenience.
Here is a screenshot:

Lol nice essay you wrote before keep trying mate :slight_smile:

Love how much effort you’re putting into this not the saddest behaviour I have ever witnessed at all :joy:

Write me another essay :rofl:

It’d be a bad look & huge waste of dev time. This game has a ton of issues to resolve before adding more monetization.

I do not need to write an essay for my latter point. The screenshot that I linked documents Blizzard’s correspondence. It is irrefutable.

Multiboxing is allowed.


Nah just go ahead and add pets.


bahahaha anything to suck money from “I need that pixels color” rich sheeps!!!

I think it’d be neat if the wolf pup hopped out of your bag in town and hopped back in during combat.

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Need pets to collect all that shiny I miss


This is great feedback and a SOLID recommended solution! Co-signed

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Your nightmare dungeon is your own instance. Stay there and dont come out.


GASP DID YOU SAY PETS? YES PLEASE! Great idea, i love pets! my SC spaceship was the best!