Please Consider adding this qol for early game advanced players

So for those like me that find it difficult to get challenge in early game, i had this thought i am playing a alt rouge with whatever carry over i have earned.
So for me , taking no skill tree points upgrading gear and using basic skill only i have not only reached level 8 on t2 but have not died. Which was a little funny since a level 32 joined me in the field and got cc and died. So skill variation is the game is apparent.

Anyway so my idea which i think could improve this way of playing, is let me Keep my basic skill (the one before action points.)if i choose and add a bow basic skill, before action points. That would be bare min and not alot to ask i think.

If room to go further, skill tree points can be spent with more freedom of order so i could experiment with taking some basic skills and passive while still using basic attacks.

One more step is to allow me to remove/hide the blinking reminder to spend points in the options menu.

To me these simple changes minus the skill tree one, allow for me to enhance this mode of playstyle, which reminds me of early D1/D2 gameplay and it would add just a little more interest and enjoyment to this early game playstyle.

Helps break the tedium of being Op all the time during early leveling for advance players like myself. This also means nothing is forced and casuals are free to continue to play the game normally.

Thanks i truly hope this can be considered and implemented, Hopefully i have explained it well enough, try it out and you will see what i mean i think.

Heck i will buy a battle pass if you are able to implement at least a few of these ideas.

TLDR-- play a no action point run, it seems pretty obvious to me what D4 is missing when you do, that would make it feel more like d1/d2. Also if you want a d1 experience this is pretty close sort of and fun if you like challenge and tanky monsters in early game. So polishing and adding qol to this playstyle is more or less what i a asking for.

Extra Notes as i tried a No AP run, that would polish this playstyle.
So i got a free rank to a skill on gear, this is great as i get a free defense skill which works for the rules of No AP. However when this is cast it automatically removes basic skill.
So sadly this ended the run this time. So opted for a 2 action point run instead and only basic skill. I think with a qol pass it could be a viable way to play D4 early game atleast. The idea is it helps highlight areas that need polish and qol. and offers fun and challenge for people like me.It also adds to the play it your way the game invites players to do.

To be honest though i guess by level 20 basic only and gear is a good enough challenge. So Yeah i don’t know, maybe it’s already implemented good enough :smiley: