Player Trading Disabled

Had to give them time to abuse brother.



They are ! , they are blue print devs.
Thats mean they code like 10% and juste drag and drop elements 90% of time.

Welcome to next gen of game devs.

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lmao. This got a good laugh out of me.


It’s too late, already trillions of gold has flooded the trading ‘economy’ from these dupes. Oh well


wait, we can trade?


Yes. Pinned post at the top of the forums just went up.

Agreed. Or gold should never have been able to be traded.


Its actually a beta test for Solo Self Find mode :wink:


Full and open trading should have always been how the game worked.

Don’t blame people exploiting this unfinished game on trading, when 2 players trading with each other has nothing to do with the exploit.

Instead, stop trolling us and shift the blame to blizzard, like anybody with common sense would do.


I really hate how players keep exploiting just because they can. When y’all exploit just because the devs F’d up, it has ramifications for legit players and messes up the entire game. This has nothing to do with me caring about some economy btw. I’m just so tired of players being incapable of playing the game with common sense.

I hope they ban everyone who touched on this gold/item duping.


Time for RMAH?

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Hands down 100% yes. The game should also have its own built in auction house and/or trading hubs.


Best blizzard patch so far :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

And they should leave it off till they have a 100% anonymous trade interface. Cut off the external profit motive for items (carries are different) and you remove a vast majority of the incentive to exploit and scam.


What the heck are you talking about? Of course the exploit is not caused by trade. Trade just moves exploited gold and items around.

I personally disagree with trade on general principle as it tends to cause more issue than it solves - esp currency trade. BUT I just outright blamed Blizzard for not stopping the exploit up front and for their gold trade game design.

Not sure how you think that was blaming players.

Innocent trading, no. Intentional item and gold duplication using the exploit - yes.


In another thread you were blaming players who got caught in the crossfire by accidentally overvaluing their items. Telling them to have common sense.

If that isnt blaming the victims I dont know what is.

At the end of the day, Blizzard screwed this up. It happens and thats fine, but the blame needs to be on THEM, and the people exploiting only.

Nobody who got banned for trading inadvertently should have been banned, and they have been.

I understand a no general trading perspective, I think it’s entirely wrong and the genre needs trading.

It just needs a real company to do it, not these cereal box developers.


I agree. Some are too gullible. They keep saying there is no ladder or competition but they are so eager to get the most and best for nothing.


They do need to use common sense though! Two things can be true at the same time. This is on Blizzard but people do need to use some common sense when trading/buying things.

That should be reversed already, or soon. The targets for bans are the people who did the exploits. I would not get shocked if gold and items are removed as well, but a single trade should not get someone banned from what I am reading in their post.


and yet people like John Carmack…actual developers. Blizzard needs to stop developing games like they do.

I don’t think they do though.

Forgive me for bringing up topics that may be sensitive but this is the same argument when scumbags tell women they deserved it for what they were wearing.

These people are victims, they found an item, wanted to trade it, and they were offered more than they hoped.

They were taken advantage of, they were the victims, and subsequently, they were banned.


oh come on now…in a capitalistic market, people set the price that they want to sell for, and if people will buy it, then they will. Basic capitalism 101. Even more applicable to rarer things that are in demand. Is Blizzard telling people you can’t be capitalistic when trading your items in game? If so, Blizzard needs to start selling the game for a single dollar, since that’s all it is really worth atm. And, refunding all the unhappy customers (there’s an awful lot of them). Oh wait, Blizzard would never do that, they have to keep their capitalistic board of directors, CEO and shareholders happy


The incompetence of blizzard is shocking.