Player Trading Disabled

I agree. Some are too gullible. They keep saying there is no ladder or competition but they are so eager to get the most and best for nothing.


They do need to use common sense though! Two things can be true at the same time. This is on Blizzard but people do need to use some common sense when trading/buying things.

That should be reversed already, or soon. The targets for bans are the people who did the exploits. I would not get shocked if gold and items are removed as well, but a single trade should not get someone banned from what I am reading in their post.


and yet people like John Carmack…actual developers. Blizzard needs to stop developing games like they do.

I don’t think they do though.

Forgive me for bringing up topics that may be sensitive but this is the same argument when scumbags tell women they deserved it for what they were wearing.

These people are victims, they found an item, wanted to trade it, and they were offered more than they hoped.

They were taken advantage of, they were the victims, and subsequently, they were banned.


oh come on now…in a capitalistic market, people set the price that they want to sell for, and if people will buy it, then they will. Basic capitalism 101. Even more applicable to rarer things that are in demand. Is Blizzard telling people you can’t be capitalistic when trading your items in game? If so, Blizzard needs to start selling the game for a single dollar, since that’s all it is really worth atm. And, refunding all the unhappy customers (there’s an awful lot of them). Oh wait, Blizzard would never do that, they have to keep their capitalistic board of directors, CEO and shareholders happy


The incompetence of blizzard is shocking.


Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.


So some nerds have nothing better to do than play this game and cheat on it for no reason whatsoever? That’s the concept that needs explaining.

Lol, what for?



What confuses me is that this really has no other benefit than doing it because you can. Lol, who’s left playing this game?

External profit motive?

Well this just got real.

So Blizzard literally [censored] them?

Is 0 even possible at this state?

Trading should be restricted to the players you had in your party at the time of looting the item from enemies/chests. The item should be tradeable for an hour at most, or until modified.

With this, it should also be possible to trade legendaries and uniques, on the off chance that your party members (friends) loot an item which you want or vice versa. Also, rarity should improve just a tad bit if you’re in a party, to give that more incentive.

This way, trading is still a part of the game and you can work together in a team, but you don’t have somebody farming an item and then duping it to trade, because a duped item will not have a timer in the first place.

This in turn also enforces players to find their own items or within their own circle and not resort to making purchases with real money in the real world in order to take shortcuts in the game. Why do you even want such good items, if you’re not even dedicated to farm your own? We don’t need another PoE, where people just buy their items and get items in their possession which they didn’t earn/deserve.

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some guy got banned for trading 8b gold yest. So they 're banning ppl who didn’t do the exploit, just by interacted with the gold trade.

Same way as D3 and the RMAH gold dupe. why over and over. Can you not fix a game that you have been doing for years?

Same way stash space could not be not loading in everyones inventory to take up memory. Learn from the mistakes from D3. A gold dupe from D3 again… Again? Are they really wanting to go to microfunk?

Thankfully there are real games out there to play instead of this incomplete mess.


So this is why my items have been selling for really huge amounts that easily, I see people buying elixirs at amounts of 20-25M/each.

I’m sure a few of those people that bought my items used the dupe and I hope I dont get falsely flagged.

Everyday I learn more and more how it was the right decision to not play this season.


Here comes the new end of the world =o

This will be the outrage of the week =)

If you don’t got Fallout 4 or would like to get it cheap. Its on sale till the 16th for all dlc for like 15$~.

Just saying it because I feel like that’s a steal.


The exploit started a few days ago.

Are you saying that the RMAH exploit done through the AH is the same game code as the current D4 exploit?

Both are bad, but I don’t think they have the same cause. There are many many many different ways to cause game exploits/issues.

It should never have happened, but not because it happened in the D3 RMAH in a totally different system on a different game.

I don’t care.
10 more for you.