Petition for shop discount tokens to be added to game 💰

I also suggest some new drops to be added to game. These could be from a new ultra rare token goblin, an extra drop from duriel (doesnt replace ubers), drop chance from 100 dungeons boss or such. 1 token can be used per shop transaction:

Tokens that drop in seasonal are lost when season ends.
Tokens that drop in eternal last 3 months.

Rare Shop Token - 5% discount.
Epic Shop Token - 10% discount.
Legendary Shop Token - 15% discount.
Mythical Shop Token - 20% discount.
Blizzard Shop Token - 40% discount. Uber level of rarity.



Judging by their practices used thus far, I would say I doubt this will ever be a thing. Quite honestly I’m not sure I would want it to be a thing. Purchasing cosmetics in the shop shouldn’t have any interaction with the game systems in my opinion (other then obviously obtaining said cosmetic). It would be another form of FOMO and people would just complain about the drop rates.

+1 though just cause

I dont see why premium currency cant be very rare drops


I could easily see an inflation of prices due to adding in premium currency as a drop in the game itself. They’re bad now, just imagine how bad they’d be if they introduced this into the game. $65 Horse would be the cheapest thing on the shop lol.

“65 dollar horse” is 65 dollars worth of premium currency with a horse bonus

Just saying

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Oh I know, and I get that, I’m just saying your $10 cosmetic ($10 worth of premium currency) would increase in price due to being able to obtain the currency in the game, even if it was rare.

Now let’s say they had a daily/weekly cap instead, which some F2P games have, that involved Daily/Weekly quests to complete, but obviously the amount given would be pennies, so it would take you roughly 6 months to a year (of constantly grinding these dailies out every day/week mind you) to get enough to buy anything worthwhile, then I could see them not increasing the prices, possibly.

I suppose, would just be nice to earn it in some fashion in game

Trade Chat: “I found a < insert token Goblin type > !!! 2beez for party. 3 slots open.”

Oh dude hell has a better chance of freezing over

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people who make such threads hopefully never run a business or you can close very very quick. Its all about making money, blizz is not your friend they want to make money not gift auch a “hey buddy here you get something that gives us 5% less money”

I had a similar idea. They could make platinum drop in small amounts with a limit on how much you can accumulate (just like obols). If the limit was for example 500, it would not be enough to buy anything. You would have to pitch in some real money to buy something. Or experience discomfort from all the plat that keeps dropping and goes to waste.

To Blizzard: if you like this idea, then I’d want a commision from boosted sales. :grin:

While we are at it … they should implement daily login rewards and after 30 days you will get a premium reward.

Blizzard knows their target demographic … this thread proves it really good.

I support the digital sales shop not being the priority from a billion dollar franchise. Imagine the game if digital sales was not the priority, so sad.

eh no thanks on that idea.
I see your point but, in the grand scheme of things it’s pretty bad practice.

  1. aside from the very wallet-friendly player, no one would use lower rarity token

  2. discounting the price by 40% would still make for rather high price but also add the feeling of “needing” to spend that token.

some player would feel forced to uses them even if they wouldn’t even touch the cosmetic shop itself.

i’d much prefer to see actual dropeable currency directly.