Ohh sweet failure to make money - New Rogue Outfit

Besides being very ugly this cosmetic armor set does the same error as nearly every other Armor Set.


For the people that dont like skirts and want to use and actually see one of their other pants. For gods sake and FOR MAKING MONEY WITH YOUR INGAME ITEMS:

Attach the (insert heaviest swearing here) Skirt/Skarfs/etc… to the pnats (pants). NOT THE CHEST PIECE.

No. 4 of Cosmetics i will NOT BUY. Because of being ugly and SKIRTS.

Enraged Fashion Zombie

SKIRTS = :face_with_spiral_eyes:
No Skirts = :heart_eyes:
Skirts attached to pants = also :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Lust sets the best. Leather pants are OP.


Agree. There’s 1 reasonable pair of pants for female mages.


You can have this when I can have my armorkini on all classes, not just my rogue.

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Guys, I’m starting to worry that they laid off many of the designers from the original art team. Most of the new stuff looks like they came from Upwork and generated with AI.

I fear this is happening as well.

Rogue(female) has far to many wrinkled pants and impossible 1 leg pants that rise up from the boot and magically do not fall down. 1 leg…

Otherwise I would love if 1. the Skirt was an optional piece and 2. if people could DE-Gender the Skirt. Only in modern day - mainly amereuro - is the “skirt” a feminine or gender locked thing.
It’s actually one of the most sensible garments available.
Loose, breathes, blood flows etc.

Another nice optional thing would be a way to [:x:] shop items like that garbage ‘Sin’ leather set so it never shows up in my shop again. It honestly should not be in this game.

Hands off my armorkini!

I suppose the actual thought that not everyone hates everything you hate will blow your mind

Do you also go to the shops and complain about how dare they put stuff in the shop that you don’t like and demand they remove it

and when exactly did you buy Blizzard out for it to be YOUR shop

Thats totally fine. For the adventurers who like the outfits as a whole they can use them as they are. Fore more individual peasants like me it would be nice to have better options for the “skirt desaster”.

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