No Witnesses Season 4

If I’m not wrong the source of “Damage with Ultimate” in Season 4 is only from Weapon Diamond Gems, so this Legendary node needs some rework?


It rolls on Hakans and Flickerstep but ultimately its garbage. You have Thunderstruck out there with a 200% multiplier since they can temper dmg to close on gear but No Witnesses will generally be a 14% mutliplier… it makes 0 sense.


After playing druid this season I’m aghast at how much better designed it is than rogue.

Same with Leyrana’s Instinct which scales of daamge with core, you have it on few paragon nodes and some Uniques but the stat has been removed.
Anyway legendary nodes were crap and not worth taking anyway so nothing really changed.

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They need to make No Witnesses and Leyranas scale similar to Thunderstruck. % of your dmg vs close/distant and would finally be worth taking for Exposure builds.