No Witnesses, rogue legendary node, can't work

The + Ultimate Skill line has been deleted from the game. The line + Shadow Clone Damage is not taken into account for the node…

This is crazy a legendary paragon node went live bugged like that…


We have a whole Shadow Clone ultimate that’s been useless since Day 1 too


You don’t like a 14% multiplier?? Would be nice if it was similar to Thunderstruck and could reach 200%

To be honest I have skipped ultimate skills entirely since day 1. If we had a extra dedicated ultimate only button I might invest in it.

Worst when we fight a boss and the clone it’s hitting the air, don’t know what is messing with this but it is always with bosses, you need to move around in order to the clone to mark the boss…

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I am brute forcing Rain of Arrows build, despite it’s clearly underwhelming tier atm, can barely scratch 55+ pits. Seriously for the cd and lack of reduction to it except for the flickerstep the ultimate skill should have much more damage and I’ve reached limit I can’t go further with it. Not only I have to wait for cd, but my damage barely scratches Uber Lilith. Even if I get Shako, it adds +4 to all skills, but not to the ultimate one.

No Witness is another example of failed design by Blizzard. When they add something new, they tend to abandon/forget about old systems. Most of the things in this game are now redundant and obsolete (reputation system, rewards for it, T1 and T3, gear progression until level 55, nm dungeons, events). No Witness is forgotten node, because now as stated by OP, it’s impossible to get affix for Ultimate Skill damage (except for the gems and 2 uniques), which is dumb, because it should take all damage affixes, which are related to ultimate skill (like Rain of Arrows damage affix on weapons and jewellery).

It’s okay that some builds are better against bosses and some against mobs, but RoA lacks both. You need many sacrifices to make it deal good damage and recharge faster and yet it’s still too slow and deals not enough damage against hardest bosses, while other builds don’t have to wait for cooldown and deal sick damage. Seriously, ultimate skills should have the highest possible damage potential for the cost of waiting for them. If they lack it, at least reduce cd by half. My friend can spawn his core skill and clear entire screen, while I have to sweat, run like a madman, evade through enemies just to reduce cd by a few seconds.

Fixed No Witness can save damage of RoA. Atm with all perfect diamonds and uniques I got to 30% increased damage. Imagine what could it do with adding bonuses from all the +200-300% RoA damage affixes. Critical strike damage bonus from Precision is the only way to get that, but if I am RoA user it’s more logical to focus on affixes with RoA damage, not crit. However current damage affixes are somehow useless compared to critical damage, increasing Precision multiplication.


No Witnesses needs to be reworked to same as Thunderstruck, % of close/range damage, that way CQC can’t stack two massive multipliers.

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