No longer clicking on negative and complaining threads

I actually really like this game and I come to this forum hoping to read interesting discussions, suggestions and lore. Unfortunately a vast majority of threads are poorly thought out complaints and are clearly negative if not trolling. I do find myself clicking on these comments and feeling the need to reply, driving up their viewership stats no doubt rewarding the OPs. I would like to share that I am no longer even going to click on any thread that seems negative and I have stopped following content creators who are constantly complaining. I want my video gaming time to be pleasurable and my hobbies to be fun and intellectually stimulating not a test of my ability to zone out the negativity. So this is a message to all the trolls and unconstructive critics - I am one data point and one viewer who is going to completely ignore you from now on.


Don’t let the Karen’s and crybabies get under your skin. We also have a few of them on the D3 forum.


What helps a lot is the -Mute- option found at the bottom of every post where the tracking options are. Now by default this is always set to -Tracking- whenever you click on a post. You can change this under your forum profile settings, I changed mine to the default setting of -Normal- so I don’t see a constant list of posts I’ve visited that have received more replies. I’ll still receive notifications to replies to what I’ve said in a post though.

However the -Mute- option is particularly handy as it will remove the thread entirely from your front page of the forums. Even if you’ve left a message and have had replies it will still never show up. It’s an amazing feature, highly recommended it.


Yes OP, we should make this a safe space. :hamster: :popcorn:


Unfortunately many of the people who post on the forum do not really know that much about the lore.


yea, especially funny cause the diablo lore isnt really all that big or complicated.

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There’s a decent amount of lore, especially if you include the books. Now granted it’s an easy read and nothing overly complicated, but there are various names of people and places the games have never touched on.


well yea, fair enough. i admit im rather comparing to the lore of WoW for example, which can be pretty messy. :smiley:

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I thought it was funny as hell when people were saying that it was Rathma in the first D4 cinematic. Rathma hated his mother and he had long black hair. Or when others were saying that Lilith was our loving mother who only wanted to save us. Really, all she wanted to do was use her offspring to fight heaven and hell so she could be the queen bee.


There should be a section just for whinging where they can go on and on to their hearts content. The rest of us can have constructive conversations elsewhere.


Thanks a lot Iggi, I never noticed this cool drop down. What a great feature to manage what comes up on this page. Definitely using this going forward.


Think of it more as entertainment. You can laugh at some of the ridiculous ones and agree with the few good ones.


This is now a negative complaint thread.

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You shouldnt be following anyone anyway.


If you want that you came to the wrong game. Now if you wanted a game as deep as a puddle D4 is the right place for you.

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I have it on good authority popcorn makes every space safe and enjoyable.

As long as you don’t debate the merits of carmel and cheese popcorn as a mix flavor.


I’m not sure I understand the point of this post. On the one hand, I perfectly understand the sentiment behind it. Too much negativity can have a toxic effect on people, and it’s perfectly reasonable to want to avoid it.

On the other hand though, what you’re doing is basically writing a thread to complain about the behavior of others. Your post itself is inherently negative, and has no content outside of you voicing your general grievance. There’s no constructive criticism, there’s no avenue for healthy discussion, it’s just a case of you wanting to blow off some steam regarding a topic you feel bitter about (which, unsurprisingly, is what a lot people do when they visit a gaming forum).

You’re well within your rights to complain, but that goes for everyone. I know where that desire to reply to everyone comes from, but I think the general idea we need to all get accustomed to is that sometimes people complain for the same reason you’re doing it right now, to just get it off their chest. Not all of them need a reply, and not all of them are interested in a healthy discourse with others. Some just want to shout at the moon and flip the bird. Others just want people to reaffirm their own feelings.

I think it’s reasonable to avoid engaging with people when you can see that nothing positive will come out of the effort, but in the same breath, I don’t think it’s a good idea to treat every criticism you see too dismissively purely on the basis of said criticism being negative. There are plenty of people who criticize fairly, and you need to remember that this is one of the few avenues they have in which to do so with any hope of it being seen by the appropriate parties.


Why else come to the forum?

The forum is the real Diablo PVP.


So you won’t click on any threads at all? Since when are there positive threads posted?

If the game is good, people are too busy playing it to make threads. The game needs negativity so when things are bad blizzard knows so they don’t keep going in that direction. They still do but, its the thought that counts.


Ah, complaining about complaining.