New patch is great

“Players are now in the Trade Channel by default.” Also:


D4 in a nutshell

20 nuts

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Yep, I bet i know what Blizz is up too on this. Clever.

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Fresh and enlightening topic. Thanks for sharing.

Last patch they fixed a bug with resource drain in NM dungeons and removed resource drain from NM dungeons.
This patch they suspended trading and put us all in the trade channel.
What an absolute clown show.


The trade channel was only for your shard anyways meaning it had very few people in it.

It’s not like the WOW trade channel.


If you have nothing nice to say…be sarcastic.


They had a malignant heart that increases resistances that they didn’t change until several weeks after the season started while stating resistances were broken over six months ago

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Yea it’s hilarious how inept they are. I’m amazed that there are people who still believe these devs can fix this broken mess.

Haven’t logged in since the dev video. Will see how long before I open battle net again.

The New Ingame Shop Pop up when you Log in is nice though :rofl:

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Clown shows are entertaining. This is a s**t show.

They selling Diablo gold there yet? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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poe in 3 days folks!!

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“Players are now banned from entering Trade Channel”

That’ll be next.

So much of this is like fallout 76. Still love both games, but gamers have expectations that while I comprehend WHAT they are, I don’t know WHY. Broken brains I suppose, I blame esports and anime.

Amazing changes! I will log in immediately to experience this outstanding content.

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This is what happens when they caved to agreeing to publish patch notes a week in advance. Makes them even more rigid/slow in fixing things.

They should have continued to do the patch notes like all other games do. The patch goes live and the patch notes arrive a few minute later. But no… the cry babies had a fit… and well… they got what they wanted now hah hah hah hah.

This is also means they could have waited with trade channel change until after the explot stuff was fixed… however… this is such a minor thing to complain about… so that’s a good thing! That mean you must really enjoy all other parts of the game as I do :slight_smile:

nasty. so this is the reason why they didn’t even add global chat… because maybe it’s hard for them to implement / if people want to gather after a chat they can’t “meet in the same world”?

They will sell the function to trade in next patch. In a next one, they will make all dungeons cost something, too. I’ve heard that also, we will be able to log in freely only between 3am and 5 am. To be logged in will cost something too. But you know, it’s a live service game so… it’s ok !