(Needs Mod Assistance) Win 100m gold with Lucky Hit Numbers! 🍀

Please Mods choose this post. It is just asking for lucky hit chances.

I would like to know the Shrine offensive lucky hit chances for the following:

Artillery - ??? Lucky Hit Chance
Blast Wave - ??? Lucky Hit Chance
Conduit - ??? Lucky Hit Chance

I could have sworn artillery and blast wave and conduit can trigger free meteors. If they can, then this would ever so slightly push me to keep using Ahavarion Spear-staff ( :man_shrugging: ) of stabbie stab with my stick.

Others in thread please take a guess at the actual lucky hit chances for each.

Closest cumulative answer wins 100m gold. If there is a tie, then we have a D20 roll off and highest number wins!

Thank you Mods!

:+1: :saluting_face: :white_check_mark:


0% = Iggi

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So you are asking not only if they have an inherent lucky hit chance, but what % that lucky chance is correct?

I’m going to guess 0% personally. Now the question remains can they even proc lucky hit chance to begin with as well? I don’t pay much attention to lucky hit myself so sadly I couldn’t even guess at this. Have you noticed meteors going off in conduit form? Or with blast wave?

You know how each skill has a lucky hit chance? I am asking if shrines have this. 0 seems like a decent guess but if everyone picks 0 then only one winner!

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I know someone confirmed Thorns and Minions don’t proc Lucky Hit, so I would assume shrine abilities, so to speak, wouldn’t either. We need a tester to confirm though.

I swear I have had artillery or blaster trigger it but maybe it was my lightning spear. Dont know. Thats why we need official mod information!

IF they come in and say 0% u will instantly win 100m golds as you only poster so far Iggi!