Necromancer Minion Buffs

Hoping to see some much needed Necromancer Minion buffs in the next Campfire chat! :skull:


I would not rely on hope on this one, unfortunately.

I played necro…had to give him up… too slow for my liking. Would love a Minion build though!

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I love Necro its my favorite class but i totally agree that they are somewhat slow compared to other classes…

Minions are so much fun and pretty strong in WT3 but falls off hard in WT4 even when investing a lot into them, i dont think they need a big buff but they definitely need to be better in end-game, if they can manage to find a way to have Minions as they are in early levels that will be enough of a buff imo.

You can improve your speed with boots and amulet. My issue is minions survivability and the corpse requirement just to raise them.

At this point Ill just play Last Epoch to scratch my summoner itch


This was the biggest disappointment after having so much fun in beta with minions. Sadly, that was the last time they were truly fun to play with.


they have promised over and over on minions and have never delivered. I don’t see anything changing.

I only play pure summoner, and when I say pure summoner I mean it… no nonsense streamer “pure summoner” builds which over 90% of their damage coming from mendeln or corpse explosion.

Anyway… so many issues with minions would imply the only cause of action is to make minions better, but they haven’t.
Season 3 minions have been better, but not because of their minion changes, but rather the changes to maximum life. Minions survive more, summoners too, but meanwhile those same changes made 100k hp barbs…
If you build around bone prison and minion attack speed yes minions are better because of those changes, but that leaves us with little options. Season 3 therefore has been good for me as a pure summoner compared with season 2 but awful compared with everyone else.
I mean the best minion build in season 3 is in fact a Seneschal pet on a barb… not real minions on a necromancer.

so yeah no way they are going to do anything, I mean they knew how these systems worked before launch so they know the state minions are in and are happy with that.

This is the absolute best I have managed to get out of minions in d4, a real minion build with no gimicks, just pure minion damage. Its crap compared to any non minion build.
Pure Summoner - NMV100 - Season 3 - Diablo 4 - 2024 02 21

Play last epoch, its so much better for summoners, loads of different types of pure summoner builds too.

You have a unique ring the buff the minions and they can kill an elite when the ring proc. also you have passive skill points to buff the minions. Finally you have glyphs top buff even more the dudes.

What else do you expect. One shot Duriel minions ?

Okay guys settle down, everything is allright, the minion expert has spoken. :unamused:

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LOL have you even tried playing with Minions??

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Based on their comment, and the vague knowledge they presented I’d say they have no idea about the issues minions have.


Lmao, how you can have hope with “balance team” who nerfed to the ground Necro Minions at the beta … at lvl 25?

Necro Minions will forever stay on the below of this game until they decided to scale AP and other stats to the player and not reduced at 30%.

You’re like a child wanders into the middle of a movie.

The ring is not minion damage, it is yours and scales accordingly. Minions are nothing more then a conduit and their stats have no impact on the rings damage.

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TBH they need to be unkillable just like the construct. Thats the only buff they need.

Survivability is not the issue imo, its their damage scaling and that they only inherit 30% of some of your stats…

Yeah. I feel like half of the Necro board is absolutely worthless past level 50. No reason at all to use minions when they do absolutely nothing in the end game.

no that would be utterly boring, and also their damage is absolutely garbage.

They are stating feedback from the uber crafting and the future for itemization and then announcing mid season balance patch for barbs and rogues then a new event.

Calling it now.

I wanted to try a minion build, however as a newer player, I’ve read they haven’t changed much since preseason but a lot of cosmetic items have been added to the digital store.