Massive Lag and Rubber Banding

North America; San Diego. I’ve logged in and out a couple of time’s in hopes of getting in to a server that didn’t have a problem but no luck yet. The lag and rubber banding is so bad the game is unplayable.


Its been like that all early access. I dont expect it to improve by slamming the other half of the community onto the servers today.

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Haven’t had it this bad until today. My guess due to the influx of all the dredges that regular release has allowed in.

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Same. I had no rubber banding until this evening, that said it isn’t terrible.

I’ve had it horribly for over a day as well as a ton of disconnect from client servers.

I had some here and there the past few days, but today it’s really bad. Hopping on a horse and sprinting into another area is a guaranteed rubberband, like there’s a forcefield around the area pushing me out. Happening all over the place now.

If I’m riding into a legion event or somewhere else where a lot of players are gathered, then it’s the absolute worst.