[Main Thread] Unable to find license and authentication issues

Did i just pay 60 quid for a queue? Only played the game yesterday.

Does this happen often because that makes just logging in for a quick 30 min play impossible.

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Paying 100 euros for a wasted weekend, neither.

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You just have a bad luck. The game is worth it! Issues happens, servers are only machines and developers are only people. Respect it, please.

Listen, boots licker, i do not care. This is not a single episode. This is happening too often.
I did pay. I want to play. The rest is not my concern.
if the game is not yet ready, do not release it…

Whatever issues comes after the day one is none of my businnes.

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I have more than 100 hours played without a single problem. So…

it only took them 7 hours to fix the login issues, should take them another 7 hours to fix the queue issues :wink:

Aah ahh. Keep support them :wink: You’re doing a great job. It will bring you far away…

Absolutely not, that is not acceptable. I only have an hour to play today, and it now (after 20 mins wait) says 19 mins to go. That’s this mornings playtime.

Yes maybe bad luck, but saying servers ‘just go down’ whenever they like isn’t acceptable or sufficient quality. Either they should have built in sufficient capacity/redundancy or there needs to be an offline mode. This isn’t teething troubles, I didnt buy the game on launch due those.

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Hai ragione, giocare serve a passare il tempo, paghiamo 100 euro e ci fanno venire la pressione alta. Potevano lasciare la modalità giocatore singolo offline, almeno avremmo potuto giocare. Hanno voluto fare tutto online, e non giochiamo quando possiamo. Delusione totale.

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I agree that it’s not good for the players. But if you don’t understand the technical side of the issue, you can just be pissed off on the forums. It doesn’t help anyone and makes you look like a fool. They are losing money with every minute of downtime, so you can bet they are trying to fix it as soon as possible. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, sometimes hours.

By the way, I didn’t say that servers can go offline whenever they want, but that they’re just machines and machines do break down sometimes.

Perfetto, se e quando non farò bene il mio lavoro ed il capo si lamenterà gli dirò che non serve lamentarsi e che farlo lo fa sembrare stupido. Infondo chi è lui per lamentarsi?

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Il consumatore ha il diritto di fare valere le proprie ragioni, non è un optional

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Did i miss something are we playing BETA now ?


“Queued for Game - Start Game Pending…” message for more than 30 min now. What’s wrong there?

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me too, just got back and it isnt fixed… After character selection it stays at PENDING…

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same issue. This game needs urgent maintenance. There are many problems. I hope they are aware of this

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30 min of waiting so far in “game pending”, sometimes “start in less than a minute”. :frowning:

Same here. Started with message waiting for a minute and then less than a minute and now game pending.
Not good.

Me too pending and pending and waiting…

I’m in. ~35min of waiting time.