[Main Thread] Unable to find license and authentication issues

By now Blizzard should have enough tech and background to detect and log me into my account when I sit in the chair or read my brain waves putting on a headset.
Come on, what’s with the Blizzard Amateur Hour shizz?

Went away for a couple of hours after managing to login successfully, now it’s back to valid licence BS.

I did the scan thing and it worked, but reading other replies here, waiting and try again might have worked.

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Can’t login D4, WoW. Perfect Weekend

the same error again :grimacing:

Good day everyone,

We are aware of these issues from last night and a resurgance this morning. I don’t have any additional information to share other than it’s being worked on. I am going to be adding other threads into this one so the formatting of the thread will look strange.

We will update this thread once we have more information or a possible fix to test.


Getting new error code now: 300202

Managed to open game however queuing took forever and eventually never load.

Fix this broken service, it is not okay for EU customers to miss out a Sunday morning because you didn’t invest in cyber security or servers that can’t handle the population all for a healthier company profit line.


So true, Im annoyed as time is limited and this is bad service for an organization who should know better.

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Completely agree. I understand not everything always goes to plan or can be planned for. But it’s taking way too long to fix this issue. This was an expensive product and to not get proper support on a Sunday morning is not OK.

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why are you trying to login. Game is currently unplayable. Latency is jumping from 200 up to 1000ms… Completely not worth playing.

You’re missing the point. Pretty sure the OP was referring to the fact that the game is entirely unplayable, whether you can log in or not. I know I was.

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They roll a Hotfix out, it breaks HOTA, they roll another Hotfix out and it breaks the login. Maybe employ people who test stuff rather than free loading on Interns.

They have nerfed far far more content than fixed, and yet they still break stuff.


Please Blizzard fix this.The game is unplayable at this point!!!

Eternal loading loop after the countdown…



in Battle.net application there is message they know about the issue and working on it! :slight_smile: Hold on buddy, you are not alone.

Same here. Pop up about “we’re aware of the issue…” is gone but , in queue , 1 minute once and again…
I give up.

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I’m aware of it.
Still, i wanna flood their forums. Maybe it’l do the trick

As a software developer (not it Activision/Blizzard) I can say, the pressure do not help at all. :smiley:

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