[Main Thread] Playstation - Unable to find Valid License / Too many Requests - June 2023

Ya need to fix this sooner than later I wanna play I wait to long just to get an error

It worked! Thanks alot!

Broke down and gave them 2 dollars. No luck still

bro you saved my day, thank you)

Im in the east coast in Connecticut servers should be on wtf

Can confirm that buying platinum from the PS Store fixed it and I got straight in - watching intro now.

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Doing the 1.99 purchase worked. Thanks for extracting more money blizzard.


Same issue almost 90 minutes after server starts and i get cold shower 315306 its really nice to get early access to game… Thanks for nothing…



You shouldve preordered overwatch 2 story mode. Small indie company

Changing password works

I was so frustrated after 10x attempts at logging in and that 1.99 purchase grabbed my attention all i could do is laugh!..also cry a bit!

Worked for me. Thank you!!!

This worked go do it !

Yes buy platium really helps but i will to get refund i payed early access in deluxe. So why to pay more for technical issue…

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THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile: I bought ultimate and refused to pay even $2 more to play.

Mois sa va pa Belgique m

Changing password through playstation website worked, thanks buddy!

Changed password, restarted PS5, didn’t work.
Bought the 1.99 currency, logged in, still nothing. Restarted, still nothing.
Not sure what you all are doing to get it to work but those two “work arounds” did nothing lol

It sucks! My cousin lives in the same town and he has it on ps5 but i dont yet. I live 5 mins away lol. Im glad i payed Deluxe to have early access. So stupid! They should refund us all back and just go back to offline