[Main Thread] Playstation - Unable to find Valid License / Too many Requests - June 2023

My brother got the game on xbox my xbox is set to his home console and i cant play but his profile can wtf

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Did you get the license error on PS5 before that?

Mee to, same problem

Hey Blizzard. Feel free to reach out to everyone about a refund. People have been planning their entire week around this. Good job letting everyone down again. Hope you plan on making this right…joke

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having same issue. this makes me worried that the base game won’t work either

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Been trying for an hour straight no dice. Only 315306. Thanks blizz

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This totally blows! C’mon BLIZZARD!
Paying for the ultimate edition is not paying off!! WTH?

Same PS5 license issue here and I’m pissed like everyone else

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Yeah, what’s ALSO BS, is that it doesn’t seem that many people on PC are having any issues because there are people streaming themselves playing right now on twitch.

Same problem here. Feels bad man.

Doesn’t really make sense but I spent $1.99 on some currency and I immediately got in. Might be worth a shot for some of you having issues

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You gave them more money, thats not a good message to send the greedy asshats.

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This is the exact same thing that happened at diablo 3 launch. Glad Blizzard sticks with tradition.

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This is hogwash. Wtf been waiting over an hour off the ultimate edition. Glad to get screwed blizz

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True but what’s $2 when I’ve already spent $100 if it gets me into the game. It suck’s but I’ll take that over not being able to play at all

Same problem, Blizzard how to ruin people’s moods

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Im playing after the license error

PS5 workaround - Changed my password through PlayStation website, logged back on through ps5 and was able to log on. Worked for a friend too. Go get some!


Spent $1.99 and now I’m in.


Esto es una autentica verguenza pagar y no poder jugar. Vamos a exigir todos un rembolso por los daños

Same, been trying to get in with no luck. PS5 /Mexico