Luminant Prosperity Awaits in Lunar Awakening

Luminant Prosperity Awaits in Lunar Awakening

Activate Lunar Shrines for 50% bonus XP and increased movement speed. Earn Ancestral Favor Reputation to celebrate Lunar Awakening!

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You should give us a class from Xiansai, maybe an Arcane Battlemage.

What about fixing the various Bugs and core Problems First…maybe Players wont Run away left and right…


Buffs, buffs and more buffs, will the kids like this or will they just complain even more. :popcorn:


drats! Im going on vacation from the 7th thru the end of the month. Ugh!! hahah looks like it would have been fun, grats everyone that can partake in this

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See the comment above yours. :laughing:

No man, they need the paladin or crusader first. No real warrior shield class yet.


You give 50% bonus to me yes? Me like!

Cool, another mini-event like the winter one. Chance to earn a few free cosmetics. And a more widespread integration of the event. Like how lunar events are now a nightmare dungeon affix.

Though wonder if they can appear in nightmare vaults?


From February 6, 10 a.m.-February 20, 10 a.m. PST

idk why you had me click to figure it out heh

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Just another Chinese New Year theme in a video game. yawn


It’s like having 2 Moms. Double holiday events!

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Way cool , totally unexpected , this game just keeps getting better! :slight_smile:


" During Lunar Awakening, Nightmare Dungeon Sigils have a chance to have an Ancestor’s Favor dungeon affix which guarantees only Lunar Shrines spawn for that dungeon. In addition to the extra Shrines, you will also receive 10% bonus Glyph XP once the Dungeon is complete! All Nightmare Dungeon Sigils with the Ancestor’s Favor Affix will retain it once the event has ended, so feel free to stockpile away for days long after the Moon has set on Lunar Awakening."

  • it applies to Eternal as well. Gonna finish my Necro and start a Druid!
    Seems like they can actually do things in a positive, proper manner, that doesn’t include “grind this and that, then fight this and that to be able to fight Duriel once”. It is actually nicely done.

Can we just have our Monk already?!

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I think Monk and Crusader will be executive commands pretty soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, this is cool and well done. I have gripes about things but not about this.

  • Seasons AND Eternal
  • All difficulty levels and game play locations. Anywhere shrines can spawn.
  • All shrines have new effects depending on type.
  • Greed shrines are finally useful and can spawn Treasure Goblins!
  • Start: 2024-02-06T18:00:00Z Local time to you
  • END: 2024-02-20T18:00:00Z Local time to you

Love some of these weapons and armor transmogs. Yes please.


Big fan of the wand and axe relative to the other earned cosmetics. I know what I’ll be transmogging soon. Bow looks cool too, except Rogue is still RIP for me.

they needed some more content for ppl waitin for Gauntlet. GJ :smiley:

Yeah the weapons are excellent. I mean, really this is totally well done on all the transmogs. Way better than the Winter holiday ones, in my opinion. On those I liked the staff and offhand. Pretty much only those.

These I like all the weapons and the robes esp. IDK, I may like these enough to get all of them if I can and that is NOT something I normally would do. But it only costs my time right? I need to level my Seasonal char anyway right?

Helms are about the only thing I am not totally into. Well done, but just not my taste I suppose. I tend to not use the helm most of the time.