Lost the will to live

So I’ve gotten to level 100, found 2 of the 3 uniques I need for my build in open world, leveled the 4 glyphs I needed to get to max range to 15 and fixed my paragon tree in it’s final form.

It seems like trying to get that 3rd unique (from Duriel) is a waste of time. There is no real reason to continue playing the game as is, as there is no reason to try to get better gear/ higher level glyphs as there is nothing that you need to do with it.

Farming the uber bosses for gear you don’t need (aside from making farming uber bosses) is pointless.

You can’t progress your character as there are no changes that can be made. If you’re build is dependent on one or two uniques (like mine is), and you already found them… what more is there to work towards.

Getting stronger just for the sake of getting stronger is a pointless endevor, and as much as I’d like to get that last unique off of Duriel, it just doesn’t seem like the effort to farm the mats to try to kill him is worth the time investment.


Cool story. You dont need uncommon uniques. Farm nm/vaults 80+. Its the fastest way to get 925 gear.

Uncommon uniques are not build defining outside of grandfather for barb.


If you don’t want to work on making your character as strong as it can possibly be then yes you are done. This genre of game may not be your cup of tea.


Why did you feel the need to make/use a build that requires uniques, knowing that they are rare drops to start with?

Lost the will to live

Should I call 911?


I need Raiment of the Infinite for Telestomp wizard. I also need Starfall Coronet to make it Telestomp Meteor.

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Naw….one less drama queen to deal with.


It’s not the fact that they are rare… I can farm them early (except for the duriel one which isn’t required for the build)… it’s the fact that once you have them, there is very little reason to get better versions (unless they are super low level).

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Congratulations, you have completed the game. Now you can start over with a new character or play a different game entirely. I typically play other games myself and wait for new content to come out, but that’s me. To each their own.


No, I’ve go zero problem with the genre… it’s the lack of anything to strive towards. Getting stronger just so you can kill that boss a tiny bit faster is pointless.

There should be reasons to get stronger, extra abilities to unlock, skills to improve, build defining items to get that aren’t gated to actual end game bosses.

It seems you’ve discovered the same thing most are complaining about. The lack of endgame material. Until we see what the Gauntlet really is going to be, we may never see anything to truly test ourselves in. There is good news though, other games within the genre have discovered this and are starting to make names for themselves.

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Yea that’s a fair comment. I’d love to see an AoZ level challenge every season. The fact that gauntlet has been delayed is also not helping as we’re kinda in a bit of a holding pattern. That being said if your glyphs are only lvl 15 you’ll probably want to get those up to 21 if you intend on doing the gauntlet and be competitive in anyway. The first half of the season seems to be preparing for whatever the 2nd half brings.

You should spend some $$ on the cash shop, that would for sure entertain you, right??

I guess it depends on what the gauntlet has for rewards. If the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, there’s no more point in doing the gauntlet then there is farming Duriel.

Congrats, you have now won D4 and Season 3. That is how the game currently plays. Hopefully Blizzie adds way more end game content starting in Season 4. If they do not… well then, we’re just re-playing season 2 & 3 with a different flavor, and that my friends, will be boring.


The very best players for each week’s leaderboard will be added to the Hall of Ancients . This is a permanent leaderboard where you can obtain frames and seals to showcase on your character profile.

That’s all the information they’ve released about rewards so far.

You can compete against other players to achieve the best score in the Gauntlet and filter the leaderboard based on classes, party size, region, and platform.

Additionally, at the begining of each week, the leaderboards will reset and it will introduce a new dungeon for the Gauntlet.

So you’ll have 7 different Gauntlets (estimating of course) to try out before the season ends.

All I can say is: Sorcerers have a lot of viable and fun builds.
I’ll make my 1st and farm for upgrades ofc - but I’m always keeping my eyes out for Alt Spec gear and then rolling an Alt Sorc or prepare to change spec with main.
Blizzard is great and all but incredibly boring. Pure Artillery. So I swap to Meteor for the tele-stomp…or mess with BL or CL or AL etc.
Then there’s making a different class altogether.
Idk…that’s how I keep it fresh.

Once a character is maxed out - some play it religiously, some need to take a break and others need to walk away because to them: it’s done.

I love playing my chain lightning/ telestomp build… but it doesn’t matter if there’s no real reason to keep playing it… once you’ve maxed out your paragon boards and finalized your spec, what the reason to keep making them more powerful?

As for rolling another character? Why bother? You’ll just be looking at exactly the same problem when you get them to that point…

You can always participate in the Cash Shop.

Even Grandfather isn’t build-defining. It doesn’t change any build, just makes you hit harder.