List of Dungeon bug

  1. Fractured Peaks
  • Cultist Refuge: Strewn Books don’t drop lore book.
  • Immortal Emanation: Ghoul don’t drop Letter.
  • Lost Archives: Skeletal Remains don’t drop lore book.
  1. Hawezar
  • Ghoa Ruins: Quest in dungeon don’t active, Skeletal Remains not appear or don’t drop lor book.
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Can I just ask how you know these things?

I ran to read the dungeon content many time. In season 3, these 4 dungeons did not drop lore book.

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How did you know what lorebook goes to what dungeon? Did you just remember the drops from past runs?

I believe you but I think it’s possibly not as much a glitch as you may think.

It could be :cow::cow::cow: related depending