Lillith fight cheap bs

So whos bright idea was it to change the fight to have those stupid, cant dodge attacks. If i make a build that can nuke her in seconds thats the way it should be. Even with 150+ movement speed you cant outrun those homing blood orbs.
Id like to see any dev beat that fight.

Its a broken encounter, just nuke it

They are improving that fight with the May 14th patch. It should help with the most annoying elements of that fight.


Just wait until next season. If you think Lilly is hard lmfao. You have another thing comin’ to ya.

Ive beaten her. It doesnt mean the fight isnt cheap and a terrible design still.

Lol Lilith is the easiest content in the game… Keep practicing!

The pit is retarded like this game dude…

The fight was too trivial before the blob-balls, now it requires observation and practice, and also luck because those flying-blobs doesn’t necessarily have a trajectory that will make the player able to dodge it.

It’s the only challenging fight in the game at the moment.