Language randomly changed from English to Spanish and all i can not change to is Korean

Just logged in this afternoon after a break and suddenly all the text in the game is Spanish. I have tried changing language settings from D4 game setting and the only 2 options now are Spanish and Korean. I have tried to change the language setting from battle net login as well and it is all set to English.

My login location is US as well.

I have uninstalled D4 and Battle net and done a fresh reinstall and I still get the same thing.

Timezone and language settings on my computer are English Uk and im Aussie timezone.

Can anyone help me, please?


I have the same issue. My client was set to german and everything was fine yesterday.
Today all was set in spanish. Reinstalling / resetting game settings did not help.

I even copied the client from my second computer where diablo 4 just works fine.
But even that did not help.

Sorry to hear that but glad it is not my fault. I have spent hours trying to fix this today. So pissed off… what a shocker of a bug.

I did that as well… copied it from my other computer that it works on but yeah the second one my wife is trying to play on is Spanish :.… I don’t want to reinstall windows to see if that works either… did you try that by any chance?

No, i will not reinstall Windows, as the root cause of the issue remains unknown. I will wait for a fix and play on my notebook for the time being =/.

fair call :.. gl man.

Hey guys,

something new?

There is now a second thread to this:

I found that the FenrisDebug File shows that the client has an issue in finding the correct locale despite being installed.

I have the same issue: Text language bug - English or other languages cannot be selected

Same issue here :frowning:
I’ve tried a few things based on looking at the log file but nothing solved it.
Spanish and Korean only.

My wife had this issue on her machine but not mine. Of all the dang troubleshooting steps I took, the ONLY thing that resolved this issue is the one thing I didn’t want to do (as it was the last resort):

  1. Uninstalling D4 via bnet.
  2. Going in and deleting the install dir (uninstall didn’t remove everything)
  3. Went into my documents folder and also deleted the Diablo IV folder there
  4. Redownloaded the game via bnet
  5. English is now working.

It sucks that I had to download the game again, but that was the only thing that fixed it for me. I tend to download once and then xfer via LAN/NAS for games like this. In this instance, I decided to redownload it on the machine it would be on.