Keyboard and mouse support

I understand there are many threads on this topic. But I would really love to see some kind on communication of the topic. Why can’t console players use keyboard and mouse? The argument of pvp being unfair is pointless. Blizzard themselves in last stream admitted they removed pvp from season journey because minimal player base even touched it… really no reason at all to not support this option on console. Really hope blizzard considers this for a QOL update in future season! Love the game regardless would just enjoy the option on console, similar to pc players having the option to play with a controller.


Agreed. No m/k support really does make me sad…
Trying to look through your and inventory is so clunky on controller… Why do we have to have slow scrolling through items and slow clunky stash management options on the controller.
Not to mention inconvenience of random auto aim when you could aim where you want with a mouse.
Please add this to console.


Please add the ability to use keyboard and mouse on Xbox …. Please……

I ask for this on every survey they have ever sent me about diablo. I’ve asked for it on the forums multiple times. Hell even the people I’ve seen arguing against it have kinda stopped posting in every thread asking for it. At this point it is clear more people want it than not.

I left PC because of hacks and came to console I used Cronus pro for support of a device I had used all my life keyboard and mouse .I seen console players declare how using these devices are cheats. lol crazy I know but upon using the Cronus just to get support so I could play fps games I seen how it gave an unfair advantage using macros I was sick to stomach seeing the very thing I left PC for rampant on console (cheats) .now the new Cronus comes to light the Cronus zen I left the Cronus behind and the Fps games I loved more than any genre as well just like the PC I left so many years ago .I would think it’s time we support this hardware and move on I been using a controller now for about 10 years and while I got better I never achieved the level of play I had with a far superior control setup ( MNK)
at least for certain games.

People stop commenting because it isn’t going to happen, they’ve stated as much. Get over it already.

Or and just here me out. People keep asking for it because there is no reason to exclude it and more people want it than don’t. Don’t give me the “people asked for it on D3 and never got it” bull since console D3 was never built to be cross play and also 10 years ago before m&k support for consoles games was generally supported. None of the “reasons” people give to not have m&k support on console really work when they themselves have acknowledged that no one really plays the PVP.

Or, and just hear me out on this. Shut the f up. They’ve already stated they weren’t going to make it happen. If you want it, go play on PC. It’s really not a difficult concept.

This response is why I can’t takes you serious. You go right to telling people to be quiet when they don’t agree with you. Also a console is a lot cheaper than buying a new PC even upgrading a PC. Your response seems to be mainly shut up and stop talking and stop being poor. Also things change. They have said no but people will still ask. Just because you don’t like or want it does not mean people don’t or will stop asking for this.

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I agree, accessibility support is crucial; we need equal options too. Unfortunately, my PC’s CPU broke, and I couldn’t afford a new PC, so I had to repurchase the game for my PS5. I was disappointed to find that mouse and keyboard support is not available, unlike in other games. I never use voice chat because of my hearing loss, so having an easy way to type and chat with friends is essential. Navigating the game should not be cumbersome; it should be an enjoyable experience.Honestly, we should all come together, kindly and united, to demand better changes and quality of life improvements for console players—or even support in buying us PCs. No one should prevent us from expressing our opinions, and we should make our collective voices heard to ensure they understand our needs. Microsoft supports mouse and keyboard in other games, so let’s push for broader implementation.

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That’s what people do when they have nothing of intelligence to say or nothing to offer to the conversation. The need to troll is great with that person

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there’s a lot of different controllers, many are licensed XBox/PS5, even when it’s not there’s always an adapter somewhere…
On XBox there’s even software available to assign the controller button on a keyboard and mouse.

I got a Hori fighting stick and there’s no way I go back to mouse/keyboard